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Save method of wear-resisting of light oil

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-05
Grace is a set research and development, production, sales as one of the high-tech enterprise. Specializing in the production of water-borne light oil, water based waterproof light oil, water resistant oil, water-based moistureproof light oil, water-based highlights oil, water-based dumb light oil, etc. The carton waterproof light oil, light oil wear-resisting water-based environmental protection product, its cartons wear-resisting light oil is specially designed for paper box, paper carton, widely used in express delivery box, home appliance box, fruit boxes, food boxes and other packaging carton printing glaze surface, can increase the printing quality, protect the printing surface luster, water resistance, moisture resistance, prevent smearing and adhesion, improve the frictional resistance and other properties, conform to the requirements of the RHOS environmental protection, high quality and low price. Good products need good preservation, so how to save? Carton wear light oil in the correct storage environment is a conjunctival material, but is not correct to save and use will affect its performance, so when use should be paid attention to the following: 1, glazing stories placed in no direct sunlight to the position, otherwise the carton wear-resisting light oil will be in the sun under the action of high temperature curing on the applicator roll. 2, wearing light oil carton? The normal use of temperature is 5 ~ 38 ℃, low temperature in winter need constant temperature waters when using cyclic heating, make it meet the design using viscosity, viscosity that is conducive to flow and fast curing. 3, glazing shorn of light oil will have on the substrate of ink to the polishing machine of light oil, make the oil glazing with color. After filtration precipitation, however, these still can continue to use the light oil. 4, using viscosity varies depending on the species of glazing machine, according to choose the special oil glazing glazing machine models. If the carton is wear-resisting light oil viscosity reach glazing machine need appropriate viscosity available water dilution or with a thickening agent to add sticky. 5, if the skin met carton wear light oil, can immediately with soap and water to wash away, long-term exposure may appear skin irritation, but will not cause harm to the health of human body. 6, cartons wear-resisting light oil flow to the glazing machine transmission shaft rotational part, stick on the drive shaft, at high temperatures affect transmission. So we should pay attention to wash the shaft head. 7, when not in use should be stored in sealed container, prevent sun point-blank, storage temperature is 10 ~ 35 ℃.
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