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Seepage spot stone adhesives?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-17
Adhesive ooze spot what is it? Adhesive ooze spot is in dry hanging stone installation, caulking, fixed, bonding repair and maintenance in use process, due to various reasons adhesive composition and similar material into the stone surface marks. Include: dry adhesive, sealant, repair glue, marble glue, back adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive, including asphalt, cloud paraffin wax, chewing gum, rubber adhesive material such as paint falls in stone material surface, adhesion, penetration, hardening caused by the pollution. The characteristics of the adhesive ooze spot 1, sealing glue seepage spot is the aperture distribution along the stone Mosaic, is bled from the edge to the trend. 2, hang dry glue seepage spot is consistent with dry pendant position basic regular small block distribution. 3, other plastic material in the formation of stone material surface marks are also associated with use or pollution status. Adhesive ooze of categories according to the generating reasons of adhesive leakage spots, can be divided into the following categories: 1. Inferior product adhesive was relatively complex polymer chemistry product composition, it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye quality stand or fall. Wrong because of changes in raw materials, components, improper ratio, solvent, put too much time is too long can lead to can't good curing adhesive, or after curing and degrade quickly, caused no curing ingredients or degradation of adhesives to the board face through stone pore permeability. 2. Operational problems all kinds of stone glue of construction operations must be carried out in accordance with the instruction for use, but in many cases, the common people in order to catch up, often careless or coming into its own. Such as dry hanging stone wall fixed use AB glue ( Mainly epoxy) , AB glue adhesive resin and curing agent two components must be mixed evenly, but some of the common people simply mixed once finished, especially when winter low temperature, resin viscosity, workers still slightly mix according to the old habits, the resulting AB glue cannot be completely cured, composition of curing adhesives will gradually. 3. Construction adhesive sealing leak in stone installation and repair, due to the careless construction personnel, make the sealing glue and adhesive glue leaked to the stone material surface, although some also passed to wipe, but seep into stone microporous adhesive is difficult to clean, more or less will leave some traces. 4. Use of pollution in use process, of stone material is have intention to not intentional of pollution, such as chewing gum, asphalt, cloud paraffin wax, paint pollution belongs to this kind of situation. From the perspective of the chemical composition, adhesive ooze spot can be further divided into: 1. Seepage while is polymer spot adhesives crosslinking reaction, finally cured in stone material surface; 2. Low molecular weight substance seeping spot unreacted in curing agent for adhesives such as low molecular weight components, similar to the oil spot; 3. Pigment spots due to migration of small molecular weight components such as solvents and volatile out pigment material, similar to the organic splash. Adhesive ooze spot removal because there are many different kinds of adhesive, exudate differences in composition and properties, the cleanup prior to the implementation of the first should know: 1, type 2 used in adhesives, exudate of composition, for example, roughly if AB glue mixing inequalities, Especially in winter) , not completely reaction caused by leakage spots, can be treated separately, if: adhesive resin seepage can remove the staining method by using similar to remove ( Apply the paste suck out) 。 Curing agent leaking can use special reaction decoloring agent, or similar to the removal of tea method to clear. Pigment spots, oozy available similar to remove organic splash method to clear. , for example, use inferior products, led to the adhesive can't duly curing or ingredients excessive leakage, it should be: 1, sample analysis and exactly what is material leakage; 2, small experiment, find a way to remove seepage material. Adhesive seepage prevention 1 spot. Avoid using inferior is relatively complicated polymer chemistry products adhesives products, it is difficult to distinguish the stand or fall of quality with the naked eye, you should choose when buying regular brand manufacturers products, pay attention to choose the purpose of product model, and must be used within the shelf life. 2. According to the rules of procedure construction to be in strict accordance with the adhesive before into stone and curing, wipe and handle in time, can greatly reduce the degree of pollution. 3. Keep clear of in time carelessly spilled glue adhesion agent on adhesive before into stone and curing, to wipe and processed on time, can greatly reduce the degree of pollution. 4. Avoid in the process of using stone glue sticky substances contamination such as preventing gum, glue viscosity material such as asphalt, cloud paraffin wax, paint contamination.
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