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Shaoxing boss how much sealing glue

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-19
Shaoxing boss how much how much sealing glue shaoxing boss sealing glue not reactive hot melt adhesive can be repeatedly melt adhesive, especially suitable for some special technical requirements of component adhesive, as some of the cultural relics repair; Hot melt adhesive is a kind of plasticity strong adhesive, and the adhesive can be adhesive, and a variety of substances can changes with temperature changes in the nature, after curing adhesion, adhesive strength is big, so many industries can use this kind of adhesive. Technical indicators if it is used in industry, the need to attach importance to quality, so how to determine the quality of the hot-melt adhesive? The smell of hot melt adhesive measurement can be divided into instrumental determination method and olfactory determination method. In for quick assembly, low strength and work under the condition of low temperature hot melt adhesive. Solids 50 plus or minus 2% in shaoxing boss how much sealing adhesive has good flexibility and durability. Appearance of micro yellow emulsion epoxy adhesive application in electrical/electronics industry to a wide range, because of its versatility, adhesion, wide adaptability, easy to use, good electric properties and aging resistance. The viscosity of 3000 ~ 5000 mpa. S shaoxing boss how much sealing glue the adhesive if it is for ordinary families, the quality is not important. (1) if st13 roller temperature 200 ℃ that EVA cools, see the effect again; (2) if the roller not heat or low temperature, that should wait for 2 hours, see the effect after the glue dry. The following two examples illustrate. PH 6. 0 ~ 7. 0 PE sealant is typically used to replace former body welding joint, joint is then covered, it cannot afford a big bend, expansion and contraction. Adhesive is mainly used in the field of microelectronics is: pet-name ruby fixed plate support set; Sealing adhesive ( Sealants and gasket) Used for cars and trucks on the main function is to isolate the air, dust and water, in order to reduce corrosion or improve comfort. Shaoxing boss how much sealing glue advantages mainly is a non-toxic, no pollution, no combustion, the use of safe, easy to implement clean production process, such as faults including the drying speed is slow, poor resistance to water, antifreeze sex differences.
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