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Shenyang production sealing glue direct

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-15
Production sealing glue direct shenyang shenyang production sealing glue direct patent WO2013/020556 in the introduction, the rubber base material to add the formation of styrene block copolymer ( Molecular weight 34000 ~ 45000) , can improve the peel strength and viscosity, and do not increase the hardness of pressure sensitive adhesive. In recent years, with the development of economy, all kinds of commodity packaging increases rapidly, make the soft packing also is able to rapid development, it is hoped that the new technology, new products is constantly improving, innovation. Ink, glue viscosity automatic tracker are in eager expectation and requirement of the people was born. Below is the actual production in the process of printing ink, glue viscosity of high and low, to analyze the influence of product quality. Shenyang production sealing glue direct water gel used in pressure sensitive adhesive has become a development trend of pressure sensitive adhesive, but also there are some disadvantages in use. Five, ink, glue viscosity change with strong reading if the relationship between printing ink, glue composite viscosity is too small, it shows that excessive solvent content in the ink, glue, and resin, pigments and other components are relatively less, so can't form a smooth layer when dry, so white, become dull, lack of gloss. A, printing ink, glue viscosity control in the actual production situation because the resin is the main material of plastic tightly adhering, so paint viscosity fastness with the size of the printing ink viscosity, choosing appropriate viscosity, size of pigment adhesive fastness. In the process of printing, composite, the viscosity of control is the key, particularly in the 80 - Output of 140 m/min high-speed gravure and compound, with the passage of the actual, the solvent in constant volatilization, viscosity also gradually rise, liquidity becomes poor. Although in the deployment of ink, glue, there are 3 # cup and a stopwatch for 5 testing viscosity values, but rely on artificial methods monitoring is difficult to control printing composite dynamic moment of change, more can't control the accuracy of the continuous adding solvent quantity. In production, when printing, composite viscosity rise, are artificial with adding solvent to dilute viscosity kettle. Add, the more printing color change after production, the greater the homogeneous degree of the composite is poorer, fastness also drops, thereby increasing the return and the rejection rate. Composite glue in solvent can cause more bad, bubbles, poor fastness. Second, ink, glue viscosity changes on the quality of the product has strong corrosive and toxic, are irritating to the skin. Ink, glue viscosity control whether appropriate, directly with the transfer of ink pigment, female version, print gloss, pigment adhesive fastness, compound uniformity and stability to the vast majority of the quality problem of the relationship. Viscosity value of cause: ink printing ink scraping clean, the net transfer is not good, poor flowing property, residual solvents, trailing, line, print and scraper is shorter. Composite glue viscosity value transfer big can also cause bad, poor flow property, poor, residual solvents, transparent of peel strength, poor, poor heat sealing strength, serious influence on production quality and yield and efficiency. Shenyang production sealing glue direct 2, can also be observed in appearance, if the hot melt adhesive glue type, do manual work is coarser, then the quality of care. The melting temperature of 15 ℃. Three, printing ink, glue viscosity change brings to the procurement of general coating concentration control in 20% 16-30%, viscosity It is advisable to 20 seconds. The 'packaging adhesives is a chemical industry press published on September 1, 2008 books, the author is li. Shenyang production sealing glue direct b, do not use for paint solvent cleaning is stained with viscose element, because this kind of high volatile solvents, easy combustion and explosion, and can produce poisonous gas at high temperatures, and easily damaged pur hot melt adhesive machine heating the teflon coating on the pressure plate. Tape available knife cut, in imperceptible in take contents and sealing again.
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