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Silicone acrylic resin modified waterborne polyurethane

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-26
A, silicon a crylic-acid emulsion silicone acrylic emulsion is a kind of compound emulsion, silicone and acrylate copolymer emulsion. Acrylic resin has many excellent properties, such as light fastness, weather for a long time under the uv irradiation is not easy to yellow color. In addition, it also has the flexibility, so commonly used as leather finishing agent. But because belongs to thermoplastic acrylic resin material, is a kind of linear molecular structure, lack of junction, is not easy to form a mesh structure, sensitive to temperature change, back to stick to high temperature, low temperature short play, is easy to appear 'hot sticky cold short' phenomenon. The main chain of the silicone resin is Si - O bond, the bond energy is 450 k J/mol, greater than the key for the C - 345 kj/mol C key and key for C - 351 kj/mol O key, therefore organic silicon resin has good resistance to high temperature, the infrared radiation and ultraviolet light resistance, chemical resistance; In addition silicone resin and low surface energy of glass transition temperature is low, has the good hydrophobic property, abrasion resistance and resistance to fouling. To sum up, with a moderate amount of organic silicone modified acrylic resin, can not only make up for the defect of acrylate, also can improve the mechanical properties, make silicon a crylic-acid composite emulsion has two advantages, at the same time raise, enlarge its application scope. Second, method of silicone acrylic emulsion modified silicone acrylic emulsion modified method there are two ways: the physical method to a certain amount of siloxane and acrylate mechanical mixing, this method is simple, but due to both the surface and the difference of the molecular structure of the poor compatibility with polysiloxane acrylate, because the former is migration, caused by composite emulsion stability is poor, prone to phase separation phenomenon, the result is not ideal. Chemical method is the use of emulsion polymerization, in addition to making siloxane and acrylate with simple physical crosslinking, there are chemical bonds, make the material in the combination of the two components of polarity is large, to evenly dispersed on the microcosmic, enhances the stability of the emulsion. Silicon a crylic-acid composite emulsion prepared by chemical method, and then use silicon a crylic-acid composite emulsion change of aqueous polyurethane emulsion, made of the modified waterborne polyurethane emulsion has three advantages, improve the water resistance. According to the methods for preparation of silicone acrylic emulsion with methyl methacrylate, acrylic acid and vinyl silicone oil as raw material, the silicone acrylic emulsion prepared by seed emulsion polymerization method. Then made of silicone acrylic emulsion for preparation of waterborne polyurethane modified, configured by blending method in composite emulsion, in different substrate film, and do to film adhesion, mechanical properties such as contact Angle, water absorption test, using scanning electron microscope observation of the modified emulsion/WPU composites of silicon a crylic-acid coating surface; Using infrared spectrum analysis of the structure. The experimental results show that when the content of silicone acrylic emulsion was 2% bibulous rate is low, to 18. Content of 19%, other components are bibulous rate is slightly lower than unmodified; Adhesion when its content is 4% and 5% can reach level; Viscosity is better than before modification.
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