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sinograce chemical industry summer games

sinograce chemical industry summer games


Sinograce Chemical holds the 2018 employee games at the cultural and sports activities center on July 2, 2018.More than 80 people from six teams took part in the competition.

It consists of three events: tug-of-war, table tennis and badminton.

In the competition, each team elaborately arranged, strives for success, on the field fully displays each special strength and the ball skill.Off the field, the undrafted players acted as cheerleaders, cheering, refueling and clapping.

This competition not only improves the employees' enthusiasm for fitness exercise, but also establishes a platform for mutual understanding between employees and departments, promotes the in-depth development of the employees' cultural and sports activities, and promotes the construction of corporate culture.

Despite the hot weather and tight schedule, the team finished the race with high spirit and tenacious fighting spirit on Saturday.

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