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Smart door lock electronic door lock against rain fingerprint lock wet salt fog corrosion prevention nano coating

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-10
The use of smart door lock scenario 1. In smart door lock on the smart phone APP, such as IOS or android platform for remote control, is used to identify the identity authentication in input to control, set a good password after the door will open automatically for you. 2. Don't have to worry about lost, forgot to bring my keys or key members of your family can also through the operation to the remote unlock for you, if it is the traditional mechanical lock, it must ask professional personage to unlock the door, paid the money cost, time, cost, and has increased security hidden danger. 3. For safety, wi-fi smart door lock has more perfect protection mechanism, lock, lock, lock authorization before anyone, you and your family can be timely grasp. 4. Smart door lock is mainly used in smart home, intelligent hotel/hotel, intelligent building system, etc. Smart door locks are equipped with a variety of lock approach: a fingerprint lock, password lock, remote, mobile phones, induction card lock, unlock the APP id card lock, induction unlock phone. Mainly displays in terms of structure, sensors, lighting, PCBA, RFID and bluetooth module, network communication module, video capture and analysis module, fingerprint identification module, power supply module, etc. Application scenarios based on intelligent door locks, if be applied to the door the door of ordinary families, and community portal environment, such as smart door lock is not only facing security problems about hardware design of crack prevention, also face the external environment for the threat of electronic components in intelligent door locks. Smart door lock will be threatened by which environmental factors such as door gate intelligent door locks, for example, often have the following factors may lead to mental have door lock damage: 1, to the wind and rain, always lead to the rains washed out to external intelligence door lock, and then through the shell inside aperture infiltration, short circuit into the internal components. 2, because the sun insolates, frost or ice causes the internal temperature too high or too low, and smart locks the PCBA to do high and low temperature resistant protective treatment, make components accelerated aging, the performance is not stable. 3, dust float in the sky to tiny dust particles around components pin accumulation, tiny dust particles under the action of electric static electricity in electron mobility, and then makes some components in intelligent lock function is lost. 4, the air humidity is big, big fog, dew, internal moisture into the smart door lock, makes the circuit board surface temperature during the night when surface water condensation formation, as a direct result of leakage or short circuit fault. Smart door lock against rain waterproof anti-fog dew the importance of these factors will lead to natural environment intelligence door lock internal passive components on printed circuit boards and IC chip pins be affected with damp be affected with damp, condensation, make intelligent electronic control part of the door becomes fragile, life is greatly reduced, so the design of intelligent door lock not only take into account the safety of the hardware, ease of use, but also electronic components, circuit board components bare tube foot protection, in TIS - new materials Series of NM nano coating is a new type of nano coating, can be in the smart door lock circuit boards and components surface forming a layer of extremely subtle is not visible to the naked eye mesh nano membrane layer, can effectively prevent moisture, fog, dew, sweat, rain, condensation water, dust, corrosive liquid substances such as the damage to the circuit board. Because of the TIS - NM nano coating is ultra thin mesh structure, so can more effective heat dissipation; Well in the new material can provide IPX4 - waterproof level IPX7 whole series of nano coatings, can meet the requirements of smart door lock different levels of protection; Ultra thin film layer, minimum thickness after coating can be in 1 micron, can provide different film thickness according to the different demand of nano coating; Grace in the nano coating with ROHS and REACH certification, accord with environmental standards; 这- - - - - - NM nano coating without peculiar smell, no VOC, no chlorine, suitable for application in intelligent home products intelligent door; Facilitate maintenance, can be directly in the coating layer on the welding; Suitable for dip coating, brush process, the operation is simple, convenient and professional equipment without having to buy; The quick-drying type nano coating, 1 - dip coating Table 1 minutes at room temperature after 3 seconds, remove dry, 3 - All dry 5 minutes.
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