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Some read machine point pen waterproof nano coating technology

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-07
Point reading machine also called intelligent computer reading machine, it is a textbook can be text materials into audio materials. Can become a voice to textbook writing textbook education products. Nursery is a blend of Chinese and English learning and small game such as entertainment, recreation makes point reading machine children fondle admiringly plaything. Yes, the products customers have too many ideas and impulse, so it is time for read machine and some pen becomes strong, if it does not fear the rain water, not afraid of the saliva of mold and salt, not afraid because of the protective material is adopted into poison, wouldn't it be let manufacturers more save worry, more than a few bright spots, much less cost. Such products will win the praise of children and mothers. Well, I believe some careless reading machine water accidents can happen at any time! Point reading machine structure includes: all kinds of electronic components and PCB, touch LCD screen, DC circuit and so on, the shell joint general is an important area of water immersion, general product didn't do the strict can stand the test of the waterproof processing and design. If the baby point reading machine water or throw the point of reading pen into the water, is likely to water will flow along the crack to the circuit board, can cause short circuit, leakage, light does not work, serious will burn out the IC, even has the possibility of explosion. Although economic loss also too won't big, but so high failure frequency of the vulnerable will make the product losing reputation, discounted the value of the brand in the user, and electronic product on general water directly into the circuit board is nearly equal to the scrap, after-sales cost is considerable, so the point reading machine and the point of reading pen PCB for protection is necessary. For PCB protective key is to choose what kind of protective materials, products for infants and young children natural protective effect is also determined to achieve environmental protection, new material well in TIS nanostructured coating is applied directly to the PCB circuit board, can waterproof and moistureproof prevent salt fog corrosion and completely conform to the environmental protection standard of a new material, nanometer form a layer on the surface of the principle is the PCB thickness of 2 - 4 micron coating, the microscopic net-like structure, not visible to the naked eye, the complete protection of electronic components, and the heat dissipation is good. TIS grace in the new material moistureproof coating product PCB nano waterproof coating hydrophobic effect well in the new material ( tis) PCB features: waterproof coatings in PCB new materials waterproof coating is a colorless transparent liquid product, moistureproof prevent wet anticorrosion comply with European Union rohs, reach 168 environmental testing standards, chemical safety instructions. 1. Grace in new material development of nano series of waterproof materials with various PCB base material has good combining ability. 2. In PCB board surface to form a super hydrophobic nanometer film, make its formation of lotus leaf effect, effectively prevent electronics components on PCB PCB wading be affected with damp be affected with damp and acid and alkali salt corrosion. 3. By soaking the construction method of the product penetration to electronic components of each small space, to achieve full coverage and parcel sex, then products will be fully three-dimensional waterproof effect. 4. The operation is simple, only 3 - to soak 5 seconds to remove air at room temperature for 10 minutes natural drying, does not need to heating drying, without additional equipment. 5. Made waterproof after only when the individual components rework after welding in the use of brush to brush waterproof liquid solder joints. 6. Compared with traditional anti-corrosion paint, waterproof adhesive products such as the nano coating heat dissipation performance is better, the thickness of 2 - only 4 microns, is a traditional 1/10 of anti-corrosion paint thickness is not visible to the naked eye, and without the connector parcel in advance before soaking, coating after construction does not affect the conductive connector. 7. Compared with the traditional phone exterior coating, PCB nano waterproof coating is not easy to man-made destruction, because is coated on the PCB surface directly, therefore more even more complete, low construction environment requirements, without vacuum environment. 8. This product is only used for electronic products, PCB life accident, waterproof, prevent sweat, moistureproof, prevent salt fog corrosion, waterproof level for IPX5, can't work long soaking or underwater for a long time. Well in the new material ( TIS) PCB waterproof coating agent can make some reading machine from the scourge of water, in line with the eu environmental standards, in line with the MSDS of chemicals safety inspection standards, point reading machine manufacturers can be at ease use!
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