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Sponge glue suitable water spray adhesive industry and operation method

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-08
Why do the sponge glue? As the name implies, spray adhesive is a kind of professional sponge sponge products such as sticky tools, liquid for translucent or yellow. Dedicated to the sofa, high-grade seats, mattress, car roof, leather products such as manufacturing, in view of the sponge products, leather products, has a good effect of sticky. Sponge glue can achieve rapid solidification, the purpose of instant glue, and have good durability, waterproof, don't fall off for a long time. Sponge glue, compared to the general sponge glue on the method of operation more convenient, special designed nozzle to uniform the colloid spraying on the base material, increase the work efficiency and reduce mistakes. The need when using liquid shaking evenly first, about 10 - from sponge or leather 15 cm distance for injection. Note: due to the sponge spray adhesive has the characteristics of fast curing, as far as possible when sticky glue quickly, reduce the bonding instability fall off. As users of the spray adhesive, and some common sense should be all need to know, as a chemical products, regardless of any product, after opening is not close seal will be volatile. Therefore, for already the kaifeng spray glue need to be used up as soon as possible, otherwise it's easy to have a glue zi plug nozzle, or glue volatilization, and so on and so forth.
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