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Structure of pur hot melt glue pur glue in the electronic industry development

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-20
Along with the time development, in continuous improvement and development, the structure of PUR hot melt glue with good bonding strength, temperature resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion resistance and aging resistance, become one of the important varieties of adhesive. As smart phones, smart wear equipment the development of electronic products, electronic glue application in this field is becoming more and more demanding. Smartphones also toward integration, screw, no border development, many traditional glue has been unable to meet the requirements of the development of modern intelligent device, structure of PUR hot melt glue is comply with the requirements of intelligent device development and research and development of new electronic products glue adhesion agent. Structure PUR hot melt glue PUR hot melt glue applied in the field of electronic product advantage is 1. PUR hot melt glue solidified high strength structure, can meet most of the electronic product of adhesive requirements. 2. The structure of PUR hot melt glue, insulation performance is good. 3. Structure of PUR hot melt glue good weather resistance, ageing resistance, resistance to high and low temperature performance is good. 4, the structure of the PUR hot melt glue, easier to control the thickness of glue, can point out the fine line to 1 mm glue, can satisfy the design requirements of the narrow bezel mobile phone. 5, PUR structure belongs to thermoplastic polyurethane hot melt glue, using structure of PUR hot melt glue adhesive products easier to remove, easy to repair. 6, the structure of the PUR hot melt glue on the low temperature. More than a few a characteristics of structure of PUR hot melt glue, defines the structure of the PUR hot melt glue, compared with other glue adhesive has more advantages in the field of electronics. Main applications: intelligent, mobile phones, tablets, dressing. Hot melt adhesive bonding, sealing, composite, has become the industry connection, insulation, electronic protection and assembly of first choice. Specific applications include smartphones, tablets screen assembly, machine learning, GPS navigators, wearable electronic equipment, Windows adhesive bonding, shell structure, cell adhesion, plane sealing, PCB assembly and protection and so on.
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