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Sulfonic acid group and carboxylic acid content on the structure of polyurethane

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-25
A polyurethane (pu), infrared spectrum analysis is by all sorts of reaction, a mutual segment structure because each segment structure contains more complex structure of the group, so the characteristic absorption peaks overlap, as the chart is ZW1 ~ ZW5 series is sulfonic acid/carboxylic acid type polyurethane infrared spectrogram. As you can see by the picture, ZW series products each basic characteristic absorption peak near infrared spectra, sulfonic acid and carboxylic acid type waterborne polyurethane infrared spectrum chart shows the characteristic of basic consistent. Second, the results of XRD analysis when X ray incident in the crystal, because the crystal is made up of atoms of regularly arranged in cell, the distance between the regular arrangement of atoms and the incident X-ray wavelength with the same order of magnitude, the X ray diffraction by different atoms overlap, in some particular direction will produce strong X-ray diffraction (XRD). Below is a sample ZW1 ~ ZW5 X - Ray diffraction pattern. As can be seen from the above, in the diffraction Angle of 20 ° has a wide dispersion type diffraction peak, it shows that the preparation of sulfonic acid type/carboxylic acid is low, the crystallinity of the waterborne polyurethane film, the film overall is amorphous structure. , according to data from the XRD crystallinity ZW1 ~ ZW4 the crystallinity of the sample increased, this is because with the introduction of sulfonic group, because of the sulfonic group ionization intensity big, easy to form the electrostatic force between the molecular chain, so with sulfonic group content increased, the polyurethane crystallinity increased. Including ZW1 carboxylic acid type crystallinity, lowest highest crystallinity ZW4 sulfonic acid type, each sample at 20 ° peak in the same position. Compared with ZW4 ZW5 crystallinity decreased, and illustrates the introduction of hyperbranched polymer, reduces the regularity of the polyurethane molecular structure.
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