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Sulfonic acid group and carboxylic acid content on the waterborne polyurethane emulsion performance impact

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-25
Because of the sulfonic group with carboxylic acid on the ionization and emulsifying properties of gap, in view of the sulfonic acid and carboxylic acid based content changes and dendritic macromolecules of the modified waterborne polyurethane emulsion for basic performance test, the results are as follows. A, latex solid content from the change trend of the solid content of latex ( The figure below) It can be seen that the solid content of emulsion increased with the increase of sulfonic acid groups gradually improve, solids by 37. 72% increased to 50. Modification of 25%, the macromolecular PAMAM dendritic latex solid content is less affected, 50 remain high solid content. 16%. Second, emulsion appearance look from emulsion appearance, emulsion transmittance increased gradually along with the introduction of the sulfonic acid group, and illustrate the emulsion particle size has a tendency to gradually become smaller, this is because the introduction of sulfonic acid group, can improve the polyurethane dispersion performance more stable emulsion particles, the emulsion particle size smaller. Three, emulsion viscosity and stability from the point of view of the emulsion viscosity, the introduction of sulfonic group content on the emulsion viscosity changes small. Look from the emulsion centrifugal stability and storage stability, ZW1 ~ ZW5 emulsion can be stable for a long time, without precipitation, the phenomenon such as layering, flocculation, guarantee the waterborne polyurethane has a longer save time for use.
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