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Super hard material coatings - vacuum plating titanium plant CNx coating

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-07
Twenty generation in the eighty s, scientists in the United States Liu and Co2hen similar B2Si3N4 B2C3N4 new compounds, was designed and calculated using solid state physics and quantum chemistry theory it could reach the hardness of diamond, it caught the attention of the scientists around the world. Synthesis of carbon nitride to become the world's hot topic in the field of materials science. F Fujimoto Okayama university in Japan by electron beam evaporation and ion beam assisted deposition of carbon nitride coating 6317 gpa, wuhan university The synthesis of carbon nitride hardness up to 50 gpa, respectively, and deposit to the HSS twist drill, obtain very good drilling performance. The main method of synthesis of carbon nitride there is flow and rf sputtering, laser vaporization and ECR ion beam assisted deposition method CVD method, dual ion beam deposition method, etc
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