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Surveillance cameras dust-proof anti-fouling prevent mist glass solutions

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-28
Surveillance cameras ( The camera) Imaging is a semiconductor device with high sensitivity, resistance to strong light, small distortion, small volume, long service life, shock resistant, etc. See more, outdoor places for public safety management plays an important role, because the camera long exposure in the outdoor environment, so the hard to avoid can appear the following situations: 1. Surveillance cameras because for glass lenses, camera body often inside and outside temperature difference is big glass lenses prone to water mist, water mist will seriously affect the visual range. 2. Long-term exposure to the outdoor environment, bad camera shell glass surface dust, dust adhesion will cause the light refraction, scattering phenomenon, so that the image definition, general as management of road traffic cameras for high-speed road vehicles road dust flying, because it is easier to make the camera glass dust adhesion, need specialist maintenance regularly dust removal, maintenance costs increased. How to solve the problem of monitoring camera glass and water mist? Boon introduced a new material in prevent mist glass, plastic anti-fog coating series products, glass anti-fog coating ( Glass antifoggant) Has a wide range of application scenarios, especially for the camera such products, glass, lens for single-component heating curing super hydrophilic anti-fog coating, using nanometer technology makes the coating after curing with surface with a super hydrophilic, base material surface water molecules to form water, so unable to form fog. This coating hydrophilic Angle under 5 DHS, and general object surface and the contact Angle of water in the DHS 20 ~ 30 DHS, so it is easy to form water drops, and not easy to tumble. And drip dry process of dust, easy adsorption environment will further formation of dirt. Camera if the sealing is not good may be caused by dust from the outside into the internal adhesion to the surface of a lens of glass, and moisture can suitable gap into the internal, alternating after mixture moisture condenses into the mist and dust, form a larger dust particles adhere to the lens glass surface, even if the internal lens glass cleaning brush does not necessarily clean. So do prevent fogging prevent dust accumulation in advance is necessary. This coating can be widely used in security monitoring glass or plastic transparent shell, helmet windshield, camera protection glass, windproof lens, snow lens, swimming mirror lenses, bathroom mirror, mirror, car glass, light glass, mirror glass, screen anti-fog, freezers glass and other products. Product details please visit: http://www. tisxc。 com/html/fangwu/89. HTML glass and plastic mist proof coating effect video video watching address: https://v. 优酷。 com/v_show/id_XMzc1NDA4MjM1Mg==。 HTML how to make the camera glass dustproof, anti-fouling, prevent dust accumulation? Correct posture is to use the new material self-cleaning glass dustproof antifouling coating, the coating on the one hand, the dust is not easy to adhere to the camera glass surface, on the other hand, when there was a slight dust adhesion by rain wash away the dust can be directly, TIS - NM antifouling dustproof self-cleaning glass coating is a kind of super hydrophilic nano coating, coating on the glass surface after the dust can easily be washed away, suitable for applications in outdoor glass surface, can reduce a lot of artificial maintenance costs, keep clean for a long time. The coating system imported from Japan, does not contain. It is in line with the food safety law, transparent bright and super water hydrophile self-cleansing, process simple, applicable to the camera cover glass, glass, glasses, mobile phone screen glass, bathroom mirror surface, photovoltaic glass products. Self-cleaning glass dustproof antifouling effect of super hydrophilic coating video watching address: https://v. 优酷。 com/v_show/id_XMzk0NzQ0NjIwMA==. 超文本标记语言
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