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Taizhou boss contact sealing glue

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-12
Taizhou boss sealing rubber contact taizhou boss sealing rubber contact relative density ( 20 ℃/4℃) : 0. 8869; Freezing point - 433, the glass transition temperature 70℃。 It has high transparency, tasteless, and the advantages of yellowing, don't spray frost, especially solve the black hose bloom, blue products fade, soft, high resistance to tear, high insulation, wear resistance, high temperature resistant, flame retardant, aging resistance, environmental protection, tensile type, stable performance, etc. (2) high oil content,> 15%) The outermost layer of skin, prevent water splashing of the processed material and some bounce big hard material, we do not recommend using water-based glue; 7. Water-based glue then problems in use process analysis (3) for some sports strength of the body, such as football shoes, also use water-based glue is not recommended. Use edit taizhou boss rubber sealing contact through the use of various modification methods, the development of polyacrylate emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive with each passing day. Acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive is a common PSA, with high and low temperature resistance, good bonding strength big, wide application range and higher cost performance advantages. Widely used in the coffee pot, water heaters, bread machine, disinfection cabinet, water dispensers, KaiShuiHu, iron, electric rice cooker, deep fryer, fruit pulp machine, burner, such as mechanical products, machinery, electrical appliances, electrical and other industries. Such as: water dispensers, coffee pot, hairdressing equipment and lighting products cover; Fireproof silicone tube: type fire resistant, resistant to high pressure, high temperature resistant and environmental protection, etc. Complex mode is mainly used in food, chocolate mould, candy mold, precision casting, and carbon fiber composite materials, food cake mould, craft ceramics, printing, cloning human organs, household appliances, lighting products, silica gel ice, silicone pacifiers. But more difficult to meet this requirement, use tape because of its poor adhesion strength, tensile strength is small, and for the oily coating or cardboard stick is not. Food purification silicone edit purification silicone SYLOPUTE is specially designed for the food, used in a lot of liquid food, such as alcoholic drinks, soy sauce, vinegar and so on. Beverage purification of an innovation is to use food to purify silicon Sylopute to remove harmful substances from the food. The innovation provides a simple and effective method of keep the taste and quality. Taizhou boss contact sealing glue ( 1) The main body of pressure sensitive adhesive composition classification in recent years as the packaging, packaging, office supplies and all kinds of tag demand expands, the demand is becoming more and more big pressure sensitive adhesive. In the process of transportation, food packaging carton must be able to withstand the indicators of temperature, humidity and rough handling. Food purification silicone Sylopute is an amorphous type amorphous silica. Sylopute was placed on the current food hygiene law the provisions of the tax law and wine. In these regulations, food purification silicone Sylopute can be used as Japanese food industrial filters. In addition, food purification silicone also meet the requirements of the FDA. Taizhou boss rubber sealing contact with all sorts of new type synthesis of acrylate monomer, at the same time will have special features of introduction of polyacrylate emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive system components, get different performance products, is bound to broaden its application fields, make its development in the direction of the functionalization, diversification. Taizhou boss contact sealing glue and acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive tape, double-sided tape, protection tape, textured paper tape, labels, adhesive tape and tape, etc. Not only on the production, and on the adhesion and coating properties are improved greatly, suitable for various use adhesive tape products.
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