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Teach you quickly read pantone water-based plastic printing ink manufacturer

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-08
Pantone has a very important role in the printing industry is also a palette tools essential to ink manufacturers, today in the er, plastic ink manufacturer to teach everyone how to quickly interpret pantone. 1, PANTONE 3514 C PANTONE 3514 U, PANTONE 3514 M or 3514 PANTONE matte enrolled between them said what is the difference between them is the same color, the PANTONE 3514, is the only one. The difference is that color number after the letter & quot; C' , indicating that the PANTONE 3514 on smooth glossy paper, the effect of its corresponding standard should be a smooth surface coated paper ( 涂层) The color in the color guide; So on PANTONE 3514 u said the PANTONE 3514 printed on the effect of offset paper and special paper, its corresponding standards should be offset paper ( 裸) The color in the color guide; PANTONE3514 M or PANTONE matte enrolled 3514 is the same, both said the PANTONE 3514 printed on matt coated paper effect, its corresponding standard should be the second version of the paper ( 哑光) The color guide color swatches. 2, with four color is CMYK printing PANTONE color printing and direct use PANTONE standard designed the color difference? CMYK is through a variety of ink dieyin a in the form of network, and designed the color made with a in the form of a flat coating printing ink. The former easily appear in gray dawn, the latter bright. Because of the color printing is solid color printing and rules for the real color, so the CMYK color printing can only be called: the color simulation, and the same color hue is certainly has a certain difference. So they are two standard refer to & other Four color pantone color guide simulation - Bond ( 潘通色卡固体——过程指南 涂层) ” 。 Such as through CNYK printing color refer to simulate version as the standard. 3, modern ink color matching technology and international standards PANTONE standard difference and relationship between their similarities are: color matching with the computer. The difference is this: the modern ink color matching technology is a known sample color sample for color ink formula; PANTONE standard color ink formula is known for colour samples. Another difference: the modern ink color matching technology can allocate any color, the color PANTONE color only allocate PANTONE standard. Grace in water-based plastic manufacturers do not recommend use modern color ink technology deployment of PANTONE color.
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