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ptfe Coatings PF-600 Water based fluororesin non-stick coating

Teflon Coatings PF-600 Water based fluororesin non-stick coating


PF-600 is designed with two-layer coating system. Thanks to its high density, good inadhesion, easy-to-clean performance and strong practicability. It is applicable for substrates like aluminum, alloy and stainless steel etc.

Typical Properties


Water based fluororesin


Black liquid (Primer and top)

Solid content (%)


Viscosity (cp)

600~1000 Primer 400~800 Top

Density (g/ml)

1.20 Primer/1.30 Top


8-11(Primer and top)

Color of the film surface

Black with metallic (Flat and smooth)

Curing temperature (℃)


Gloss (60° glossimeter)


Film thickness (μm)


Non-stick performance Fry eggs at 170±10℃

>10 cycles

Corrosion resistance Boling 10% salt water for 24 hours

No blister

Abrasion resistance 3KG/21cm2

>3000 cycles

Hardness (ZHONGHUA pencil)


Key Features

● Eco-friendly
● Excellent heat resistant
● Excellent chemical resistance and abrasive resistance
● Excellent and lasting non-stick performance, easy to clean


● Aluminum, die-cast aluminum, alloy and stainless steel
● Frying pan, stock pot, baking tray, electric fry pan and inner pot of electric cooker etc.


Storage and Handling

How to use

1. Requirement on pre-treatment

● Firstly, apply high-temperature degreasing, then wash with 1%~3% NaOH solution (60℃) for more than 6 minutes, dry it after water rinsing;
● Blast with 80#~120# corundum to make the surface roughness reach 2.0μ~3.0μ, pay attention to sandblast evenly;
● Wash with 1%~3% NaOH solution(60℃) for more than 6 minutes, rinse with water;
● Wash with 1%~3% hydrochloric acid solution (60℃) for more than 6 minutes, rinse with water and dry.

2.Preparation of the coating

● Dispersion of coating: the coating must be fully dispersed before operation;
● Viscosity adjustment: the viscosity could be adjusted according to different spray methods. Dilute with clean water if the viscosity is over high;
● Coating filtration: filtrate the coating with screen (100mesh) before using.


● The spraying environment should be dry, well-ventilated, no smoking and fire. We suggest using dedicated spray gun, elevated tank and curing oven;
● The air compressor should be degreased, dewatered and equipped with water oil separator before using;
● Roll the coating at 30rpm speed before using to make sure there is no sediment, and filter with 100 mesh screen;
● Adjust atomization and oil pump capacity of the spraying gun; make sure the unit is clean and flat;
● Preheat the substrate to 35℃ and spray the primer. Dry it at temperature of 120℃~150℃ for 10min-15min. Keep the thickness of primer within 12μm-18μm;
● Spray top coating after the primer is dry and cooling to room temperature, then spray the top. Dry the unit at the temperature of 100℃~150℃ for 10~20 min, and gradually increase the temperature to 380℃~420℃. Keep for 10 min. Keep the thickness of top coat within 10μm~12μm. The thickness of two coat tally should be between 20μm~30μm;
● The oven (or the tunnel drier) must be well ventilated; otherwise, it will lead to color change of coating.

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