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ptfe Coatings PF-633 Water based non-stick coating

Teflon Coatings PF-633 Water based non-stick coating


PF-633 is a waterborne three-layer coating made up of polytetrafluoroethylene, polyamide-imide and polyethersulfone.

Typical Properties


Polytetrafluoroethylene, polyamide-imide and polyethersulfone


Green, black, clear

Color of the film surface

Olive green

Spraying area

Primer 8.53㎡/kg; 9.45 ㎡/kg; 11.23 ㎡/kg

Corrosion resistance Boling 10% salt water for 24 hours

No blister

Abrasion resistance 3KG/21cm2

>4000 cycles

Hardness (ZHONGHUA pencil)


Key Features

● Eco-friendly
● Excellent heat resistant
● Excellent chemical resistance and abrasive resistance
● Excellent and lasting non-stick performance, easy to clean


The inner wall of cooking utensils such as electric chafing dish, voltage cooker, milk cooker, soup pot, frying pan, and surface of metal parts such as iron bottom plate and textile roller.


Storage and Handling

How to use

1. Requirement on pre-treatment

● Before spraying, mix the paint well (preferably rolling 30-40 minutes at a speed of 30 revolutions per minute). But please noted that high shear force should not be applied to avoid demulsification and condensation of PTFE. Before spraying, filter with 100 mesh filter.
● Before coating, the substrate needs to be degreased (degreased) and sandblasted (80-100 mesh diamond). The uniformity of sandblasting must be ensured in order to improve the adhesion between the coating and the substrate surface.


● The coating process is as follows:
● Spray primer: 160-180 C/8-15 min drying;
● Cooling to room temperature; spraying mid-coat paint: 160-180 C/8-15 min to dry; cooling to room temperature; spraying paint: 400 C to bake for 8-15 min. (Note: Primer surface should be sprayed before dry film is damp) (bottom: middle: surface = 5:4:4)
● Spraying construction conditions:
1. Working pressure: 4.0-5.0 kg/cm2.
2. Distance: Spray gun 15-25cm away from workpiece.
3. Coating Thickness: Primer Dry Film 15-20 um, Mid-coat Dry Film 10-15 um, Topcoat Dry Film 10-15 um, Total Film Thickness 35-45 um.

The workpiece sprayed with topcoat should be baked in time. Baking plasticization is the key process of perfluoropolymer film formation. The main influencing factors are temperature and time.
Continuous drying path or fixed drying room can be used for baking equipment, but the following conditions should.
be met: high enough temperature (360-420 C).
▶ There should be no open fire in the furnace with a good exhaust tuyere.
▶ Temperature control is sensitive and adjustable.
▶  Baking temperature.
▶ Pot body temperature 385-400 degrees, the highest temperature in the middle of sintering furnace.

Baking time

The high temperature plasticizing section (pot body temperature 385-400 degrees) should be guaranteed for 5 minutes (up to 15 minutes). Depending on the material, thickness and size of the workpiece, the specific baking time should be based on the actual situation. Operators can adjust the baking time by adjusting the conveying speed of the baking channel appropriately.

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