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That should pay attention to use water-based glue in the process of operation specification water-based glue

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-01
1. Preparations for the construction site should guarantee the well ventilated; To check whether there is water spray gun pipes; Check whether the spray gun function is good debugging; Material surface to no water, no oil, no impurity; Clear fire, away from the fire source, heat source and so on. ( Although water-based glue not spontaneous but also should pay attention to in order to secure) 2. Air buy time should be suitable for water-based glue evenly after spraying, according to the product formula, process, drying time is slightly different. When choosing products customers can't copy the original operating process, can appear otherwise not sticky to imagine. Low temperature, high humidity weather air buy time may be extended appropriately. 3. Key points of spray nozzle should be at the surface of 45 & deg; Is preferred; Spray gun from the material surface to 0. 5 meters is preferred; Spray gun pressure should be transferred to 6 - 8 kg normal requirements; Uniform coating, rubber shoulds not be too thick or too thin. 4. Appropriate pressure better pressure are the important factors influencing the bonding effect, regardless of the quality of the glue is good, if not properly pressure, excellent glue adhesive effect is difficult to achieve, the greater the pressure generally, the better, all pressure action must be made within the viscous maintenance time.
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