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The advantages of the structure of PUR hot melt glue PUR adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-26
Compared with EVA hot melt adhesive, water-based solvent adhesive, PUR has the following advantages: 1, solvent-free, a fluid type. Don't like solvent adhesive should be drying process, not because of the problem of environmental pollution and poisoning of the solvent to meet environmental requirements. Bonding process is simple and can be use the sizing methods such as roller coating or coating. 2, heat-resistant, hardy, resistance to water vapor, chemicals and good solvent resistance. Compared with the original hot melt adhesive, due to the crosslinking structure of the reactive hot melt adhesive improves the performance of the listed and bonding strength increased greatly. 3, good maneuverability. In a short time, the two can be glued fixed body, it can quickly into the next assembly processing working procedure, improve working efficiency. PUR- - Reactive PUR glue type reactive PU hot melt adhesive properties of reactive hot melt adhesive is under the condition of inhibition of chemical reactions, such as hot melt into fluid, so that the coating; After two glued thoughtfulness combined cooling rubber condensation of adhesive effect; After resorting to exist in the air moisture and is adhered on the surface of the gluing body moisture and reaction, chain extender, the generated polymer with high cohesion, the bonding strength, heat resistance, low temperature resistance improved significantly. Due to its high reactivity, and thus to a variety of material shows excellent adhesion, widely used in the washing machine top cover plate, disinfection cabinet top cover plate, bookbinding, auto headlights, furniture glue sealing side, shoes, etc.
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