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The agent of imported industrial gelatin in shandong

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-12
Shandong imported industrial adhesive agent shandong test result is the agent of imported industrial rubber pressure sensitive adhesive can stick 5 ball. Secondly inserted the glue stick glue guns, turn on the juice and turn on the switch. By this time will bright lights on the glue guns, glue guns in heating condition. Generally only need to wait a few minutes later, glue guns can hit the glue. ( 6] Product features look pale yellow viscous emulsion work to maintain good health habits can be divided into solvent pressure sensitive adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive water solution type pressure sensitive adhesive and emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive and rolling pressure sensitive adhesive, etc. Five types. Auto industrial adhesives its requirement is very strict, hyundai motor must be able to in - Good running 40 ~ 93 ℃ temperature range, and resistance to temperature change, resistant to salt water, fuel, oil resistance, resistance to high temperature resistance, resistance to vibration, XianDi and dust, etc. Prolong the service life of the glue guns to most base material has high bond strength, sometimes even more than the strength of the base material itself. Used to make their own DIY design you have very different glue guns and decorate, DIY designer generally not long time use, recommend the use of glue guns for DIY friends together to design good work first and then glue glue gun. Shandong the agent of imported industrial rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive of sticky resin rosin ester, phenolic resin, petroleum resin, etc. ( 8) Solvent-free technology according to the theory of interface, the interface between the glued object contact closely, interface distance less than 1 nm, make glued end into electronic is to the body, the other side as electron donor and polarity. The reason is very simple, if you are using a glue gun, glue gun long time heating, gun body has been heated glue flowing slowly. If too little glue gun body, and inside is empty, it will be very easy to burn out. More than ten minutes generally don't use or power supply, avoid burn out. Epoxy resin is very hard, with chemical resistance and weatherability. Pay attention to safety when using imported industrial glue in shandong agents used for pressure sensitive adhesive polymer can be natural rubber, butyl rubber, butyl rubber, also can be all kinds of resin, acrylic resin, silicone, fluorine resin, etc. Glued object does not use any adhesive, and adhesive. Oxidation - - Reduction system is made up of two or more components. Glue gun is to use the principle of heating melting glue and the glue, this feature makes the glue gun itself in part of the heating temperature is very high, must be protected when using, or exposed to high temperature part is easy. Even ready protection measures also need to be careful in use process, avoid. 3 - curing speed 5 0 - 20 characteristics food purification silicone Sylopute is an amorphous type amorphous silica. (5) the load and spare parts; In the auto industry, Including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and related transportation) Application of adhesive to process is simple, reliable performance, economic efficiency; Used for metal, plastic, fabric, glass, rubber etc itself or mutual connection and paint on the surface of the structure, fixed and seal. Shandong imported industrial adhesive agent according to the provisions of GB/T 2792. Above from concept to distinguish, so, if from details or operation process fine, specific what differences between the two? 5. Water-based glue to use plastic containers, do not use metal containers, otherwise it will affect the glue of resistance to yellowing coefficient.
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