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The amount of coating effect on the properties of coated fabric

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-21
One, the amount of coating on the properties of coated fabric influence can be seen from the chart, and as the amount of coating from 0 39. The increase of the squared, 30 g/m fabric moisture permeability decline, fabric increases resistance to water pressure, this is because the polymer in polyester fabric after coating the surface membrane permeability decline, and with the amount of coating membrane thickening permeability decline further, at the same time raise the volume of coating membrane thickening cross-linking increases, the permeability of water resistance increase the resistance to water pressure. As a result, the amount of coating increase, make the fabric of moisture transmission, and hydrostatic pressure have significant improvement. Due to the amount of coating increased to 30 g/m squared, fabric of moisture transmission decreased significantly, and therefore should be selected coating quantity of 23 g/m squared. Second, the influence of curing temperature on the properties of coated fabric can be seen from above, with the increase of curing temperature and moisture transmission increases slowly, hydrostatic pressure increases first and then. This may be due to curing temperature is associated with polyurethane film, with the increase of temperature, higher film-forming temperature that the movement of the macromolecular chain segment in the process of cooling less affected by temperature decrease, thus is advantageous to the polyurethane soft and hard two phase separation. Adsorption and diffusion behaviors of water vapor in the polyurethane membrane mainly depends on the structures and properties in polyurethane soft segment. In general, the higher the micro phase separation degree, the hard segment of polyurethane and medium-range soluble in the less number of soft segment phase, so as to make the soft piece of macromolecules with temperature rise and active thermal motion resistance decreases with the increase of film-forming temperature of soft segments can produce Brownian motion by the greater the porosity, increase the possibility of water vapor through but when polyurethane film after above a certain threshold temperature, the higher the soft segment phase transition temperature would lead to its lower permeability in determining the temperatures. Fabric of hydrostatic pressure gradually increase is due to the increase of curing temperature, made of polyurethane film more closely, make the fabric waterproof performance improvement. Finally must also specifically after 180 ℃ baking performance of the coated fabric. This may be caused by the high temperature long curing coating cracking, even because of oxidation degradation. Therefore, comprehensive consideration, curing temperature at 160 ℃ various performance is better. To sum up, the amount of coating and curing temperature on the coating of waterproof and moisture permeable fabric properties have an impact, through comprehensive comparison, this study selected the coating process for the quantity of coating for 23 g/m squared, the base cloth - repellent finishing - surface coating and drying ( 90℃1分钟) - baking ( 160℃1. 5分钟) 。
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