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The anti-corrosion flame retardant waterborne polyurethane research

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-19
In 2004 by the method of mechanical stripping found that graphene, since people of graphene and its intermediate graphene oxide ( GO) Increasing attention. GO structure similar to those of graphene, but exist in the edge of oxygen functional groups, including more carboxyl and hydroxyl groups. GO surface area has great theory, the existence of oxygen containing groups to be able to make it with water to form stable water-based gel, also allow them to directly with hydrophilic resin matrix composite. Appeared at home and abroad through many will GO to join the research on modification of polyacrylate, polyurethane, the results show that GO through modification of the thermal stability and mechanical properties of the composite material. In recent years, the study of the nature of halogen free flame retardant waterborne polyurethane spotlight, most research in halogen-free flame retardants as soft segment and hard segment of polyurethane chain extender chemical flame retardant modification. This method to a certain extent, improve the flame retardancy of polyurethane, and environmental protection, but due to the thermal decomposition temperature of flame retardants, especially phosphorus flame retardants is low, to a certain extent, affected the thermal stability of polyurethane materials. On the basis of existing research, the FRC - 6 as hard segment FPU chain extender synthetic polymers, and with the improved Hummers prepared GO, use GO structure of hydroxy reaction with isocyanate root, such as making GO in emulsion phase after the implementation of FPU chain extension modification. This technical process is simple, but the effect is remarkable, improve and enhance the thermal stability of aqueous polyurethane materials, flame retardant and corrosion resistance performance, to expand the application range of waterborne polyurethane in the coating field. Conclusions are as follows: (after the experiment 1) GO for flame retardant waterborne polyurethane material grafting rate over 85%, and GO after modification, the average particle size of emulsion ( 84~90μm) , viscosity reducing ( 9~16 mPa·s) 。 ( 2) The mass fraction of GO to 0. 4%, the material to increase the corrosion potential of 76 mV, show that material has good corrosion resistance. ( 3) TG analysis found that the initial thermal decomposition GOFPU temperature increases, thermal stability, carbon residue rate increase. ( 4) Flame retardant test found that GO when the mass fraction of 1%, excite and flame retardant materials, the LOI value of 30. 5%,UL- Test results of v - 94 Level 0. ( 5) GO to join to improve the corrosion resistance of the composite material, thermal stability and flame retardancy.
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