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The appearance of the carton water-based ink determines the aesthetic feeling

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-21
Carton of water-based ink cost accounts for only 2 - About 5%, the use of water-based ink with good quality carton, ensure the quality of printing to avoid producing defective goods can reduce the cost. Don't look at ink painting a little share in the carton, but the appearance of the carton water-based ink determines the aesthetic feeling, especially now that the domestic packaging appearance, have a good packaging to attract consumer attention, improve the product level, to increase sales and achieve our purpose. Carton water-based ink in the printing process of how to improve production efficiency and quality? Small make up to analyze the following: 1. Replace the carton under the water-based ink machine machine should be clean, avoid the last carton printing water-based ink was not clean and the accuracy of the next printing color. 2. In order to avoid the low viscosity of the ink color shallow, after computer when pumping ink will remain in emissions as much as possible of the water in the machine clean. 3. Carton of water-based ink computer quantity to reduce as far as possible had better, prohibit the whole bucket of computer, the correct amount of computer is 5 & ndash; 10公斤。 4. When adding a new ink to check the ink color, viscosity measurement and guarantee the color of the consistent production. 5. After the normal operation of the printing, should carry on the sample box color test, according to the results for the adjustment of the ink color. 6. Such as printing time is too long, need timing quantitative filling water and stabilizer to stabilize the printing effect, hydrating situation depends on color changes, stabilizer for every hour at a time. 7. The cartons must be affixed with the seal with use water-based ink, so as to avoid ink stem node and metamorphism. Before each computer must be filtered, to avoid hard ink residue affect the graphic and destruction of anilox stick. 8. Carton water-based ink backflow of attention in the process of bubble generation, ink to maintain state of water-based ink reflux pump, such as air foam is serious, shall be immediately to fill a small amount of antifoaming agent, defoaming agent added amount to zero. 1 - 0. 3 kg / %, so as to avoid adverse factors. 9. Ink painting under the computer or machine, try not to let water into the ink barrels, prevent the viscosity is too low and affect the intensity of the color. 10. Wash off the plane after machine anilox stick and piping must be clean, avoid the next time you use for cleaning not clean and mixed color, color effect. 11. Regular anilox stick on the machine to clean, avoid printing dot not well when printing. Can be simple with car wash water for ultrasonic cleaning or washing, as once a month on a regular basis. 12. Flexible version of the machine must be clean, so as not to affect the next use, flexible version of the storage room should be moderate, storage temperature is 20 & ndash; 30 degrees as well, the temperature is too high or too low to speed up the flexible version of the aging now like, affect the quality of printing image. 13. Carton water-based ink storage conditions should also pay attention to, so as not to affect the ink, room temperature storage temperature for 10 - 35 degrees. Temperature can add ink aging, high temperature is too low will be frozen, the freezing point of ink in - 5 degrees or so.
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