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The application of adhesive in the automotive industry

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-16
With the development of automobile industry, car is becoming more and more closely linked with adhesives. First of all, to solve the car's & other; Three leakage & throughout; ( Air leakage, leakage of rain, dust leakage) Problems, improve the comfort of the vehicle; Second, not only have adiabatic vibration and enhance the effect of automobile structure and internal and external decoration, but also simplifies the automobile manufacturing process, in auto saving energy and reducing consumption, lightweight, and prolong the service life of the play an increasingly important role. Dosage in the car so adhesives is more and more big, the estimated: cars per vehicle amount, 16 kg, 20 kg, medium heavy car 22 kg. 1 the application of automotive adhesives starting from the molecular structure of glue adhesion agent, can be roughly divided into automotive adhesives, epoxy adhesives butyl rubber adhesion agent, polyurethane rubber adhesion agent and silicone resin agent and so on four big categories, this paper mainly introduces the following several kinds of automotive rubber adhesion agent. 1. 1 folding plastic epoxy adhesives in the polyacrylic ester, epoxy resin and PVC coexist situation such as adhesives, one-component high temperature curing epoxy adhesive is currently the domestic application of the most common. Its main use in the car door, engine cover, trunk lid edge structure, such as its high bonding strength, can completely replace the spot welding structure glue, the dosage of analysing bicycle is about 200 g. In addition, the low temperature induction curing epoxy ruffled adhesive is a new development of foreign technology, it overcomes the traditional curing temperature requirements high, short storage period. 1. Butyl rubber waterproof seal 2 butyl class adhesives caking belt is made of butyl rubber with polyisobutylene such as main raw materials blending, according to the special production formula, after a special process to produce environmentally friendly solvent free sealing adhesive materials. Mainly used for door inside board need waterproof sealing parts, such as to prevent rain infiltration parts inside. Butyl seal adhesive tape is mainly has the following advantages: ( 1) Excellent mechanical properties, high bond strength, tensile strength, elasticity, good extension performance, strong adaptability to deformation and cracking for interface. ( 2) Stable chemical properties: it has excellent chemical resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance. ( 3) Performance: the application of reliable, waterproof bonding, sealing, good low temperature resistance and follow, size stability is good. ( 4) Simple operation process.
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