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The application of printing mucilage

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-22
As the mucilage, and application in the water slurry, widely accepted by all of us. Mucilage printing is widely used in clothing, adapt to all kinds of color depth and material printing, it can be in cotton, linen, viscose, polyester, polyamide, polypropylene and chlorofibre and all kinds of fiber blended fabric printing. Due to printing mucilage coverage is very good, also can print on dark clothing on any light color, and has certain gloss and stereo feeling, make the garment look more high-grade. Printing mucilage rapidly in a short time, almost every printed t-shirts. A combined, mucilage and water slurry solve the problem of large area printing rubber paste printing process to overcome the limitations of the water slurry printing, but due to the printing mucilage has certain hardness, so not suitable for large area field design to printing, large area design better water slurry printing, then the ornament some mucilage. Both to solve the problem of large plastic starched, and can highlight design levels; Another way is to the field of large area design of hollow out, make a bad effect, but it is a bit hard all the time, so it is better to water pulp, mucilage, the combination of common solution to the problem of large area printing. Second, the advantages and disadvantages of mucilage printing and dye printing analysis on selection of mucilage printing or dye printing, this in academic and practical production is a debate for a long time. According to incomplete statistics, at present used in printing is 55% mucilage, 45% for dye. With reactive dyes is 20%, disperse dye by 20%, 5% VAT dye and so on. ( 1) Dye printing will produce more waste water, mucilage printing habits don't wash water, so it does not produce waste water. ( 2) Dye printing has the advantage that feels good, permeability is good, especially the printing large decorative pattern is more outstanding. Dye printing clothing is not only comfortable to wear, and low cost. The disadvantage is that process complex, equipment many. Compared to rubber paste printing process simple and less equipment. About sex, cause cancer risks to both dyes and paint variety, some mucilage is actually the dye solution. So there is selection problem. ( 3) Mucilage glue used in the printing is critical with agent, fastness and safety, is almost perfect. Reactive dye printing usage is the largest, the fixation rate and prevent broken key areas there are more, sometimes can't conform to the requirements of the dress.
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