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The application of the adhesive in the film industry

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-16
Today focuses on the adhesive coating material: since the exhaust adsorption pressure sensitive glue and glue, adhesive application most acrylate ( Commonly known as acrylic glue) , polyurethane ( Commonly known as PU glue) And the silicone glue ( Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive) Three. Acrylic glue, also called acrylic glue, depending on the solvent is divided into water based glue and oily glue, commonly used in adhesive, double-sided adhesive, waste tape, wallpaper, etc. At present the most at the top of the acrylate type of glue should be adopt UV crosslinking OCA glue, so-called OCA is English optically clear adhesives, as the optical cellophane tape adhesion agent, can also be interpreted as optical transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive or glue adhesion agent used in optical products. But the industry recognized & other; & zero defect adhesives throughout; 。 Most of the past and now use is the OCA glue adopts thermal crosslinking, because too many unstable factors that can only be in the low-end market application, in the high-end market thickness is 175 & mu; M above the OCA monopoly by Japan's mitsubishi company, basically KANGLIBANG team after more than a year of time, after numerous experiments, has finally developed a OCA glue - using UV crosslinking - - - - - - - - - - - - OCA- 6 a, the current domestic optimal comprehensive performance, this article adopts the special acrylic ester synthesis of functional group and modified polymer copolymerization, hydroxy - were used Ring is the initiator of long wave in 350 nm to 450 nm range ( 紫外- A) Stated. If in the process of experiment and application to achieve the best effect of crosslinking, choosing the appropriate UV lamp also appears especially important, because the demand in colloid thickness and glue formula design, IST in Germany with lead painted metal halide lamp and nitrogen inflator anaerobic protection effect is best, no yellowing, no residue, high light transmittance, 94% and 2% under low haze and has since the wettability. Organic silicon is also known as silicone ( silicone) , is a kind of molecular chain with silicon atoms and oxygen atoms combine keys can be very high, not easy fracture polysiloxane ( 聚硅氧烷) 。 Organic silicon products category is various, due to its unique function, widely used, so it is the national economic life indispensable important chemical material. Organic silicon products can be of various molecular weight is not high, can flow of liquid ( Monomer, oil, emulsion) ; Or all kinds of high molecular weight elastomer ( Glue) ; But also branched structure of all kinds of resin, and the secondary oil, rubber, resin products or modification, and therefore is a large amount of organic silicon products, contains a variety of groups of silicone oil, silicone rubber, silicone resin and silane coupling agent, etc. Organic silicon products have good resistance to high and low temperature performance, usually in the long-term work under 180 ℃ high temperature. Organic silicon material resistant to low temperature performance is good, be in commonly - Can still work under 55 ℃. Organic silicon in the coating industry, the use of silicone oil in from one of the most common type of membrane, the rest of the film, protective film, high temperature adhesive tape and silica gel products also has a lot of sticker to use mobile phones, such as silane coupling agent, silicone oil, crosslinking agent, anchoring agent, chloroplatinic acid, BPO and silicone resin, etc. Organic silicon compound as early as in 1863. The middle of the 19th century there was the British chemist Kipping have done a lot of research work. In the 1930 s, the United States, the former Soviet union, the German chemist have research and development of organic silicon compounds. The United States corning ( 康宁公司) Glass company Hyde in 1937 made by grignard method has practical value in the organic silicon resin, for the development of organic silicon compound, unveiled a new page. In 1941 America's general electric ( GE) Company's Rochow pioneering invented with silicon and halon under the catalysis of copper in the direct synthesis of organic halide silane method; Germany Mü Ller also studies the synthetic reaction directly. Mass produced this direct method USES the most widespread of methyl chlorosilane, to provide the dimethyl dichlorosilane has created excellent conditions, for the development of organic silicon industry laid a solid foundation. Since the 1940 s since the advent of the United States and the former Soviet union, organic silicon material has gone through a journey of 80 years of research and development, at present, organic silicon has developed into fine chemical industry the signature of a large category of industrial products. Today, organic silicon products in the domestic application of coating industry has to the limit, can adjust at different viscosity and solid content of glue, suitable for a comma scraper, dimple and slit coater all-weather coating operation, look no crystal point, no snow decorative pattern, more than 95% high transmittance; No glue falling, low silicon metastasis after high temperature and high humidity; Wettability of exhaust fast, fast; Stripping strength stability not climb.
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