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The application of titanium nitride coating

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-29
Titanium nitride ( 锡) Are fairly stable compounds, at high temperatures with iron, chromium, calcium and magnesium metal reaction, such as TiN, crucible in CO and N2 atmosphere and the acidic slag and alkaline slag, TiN crucible is therefore research just liquid interact with some elements of good container. TiN in a vacuum heating loss of nitrogen, the nitrogen content in low titanium nitride. TiN with attractive golden color, high melting point and hardness, good chemical stability, and the wetting of the metal structure of small materials, and has high electrical conductivity and superconductivity, can be applied to high temperature structural materials and superconducting materials. What is the coating? Nano coating? Nano coating refers to the advanced technology of the nonpoisonous coating, high technology content of nano coating technology. This function can be hydrophobic and hydrophilic, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, anti scratch and so on.
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