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The application of waterborne polyurethane adhesive automotive interior! The old driver all clap'

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-02
Waterborne polyurethane emulsion car interior glue can be used in the automobile ceiling, carpet, cushion, instrument panel, door panel, seats, trunk rack and the spare tire cover parts such as inner decorative parts, these parts are usually made of multi-layer non-metallic materials in the process of manufacturing, Such as leather, polyurethane foam, foam rubber, wood, cloth, velvet, ABS, PP, and other functional plastic parts) Compound forming, the connection material can use water-based polyurethane adhesive for bonding. Is mainly composed of skeleton, buffer material surface and the surface fabric, etc. Door plank of skeleton common material is ABS plastic, ABS/TPV composite modified plastics, modified TPR plastic and modified PP plastic, etc. ; Foam buffer layer has a PU foam, PP foam, PE foam and PVC foam, etc. ; The surface fabric is genuine leather, artificial leather and knitting fabric, etc. Molding process is mainly blister, molding, vacuum hot-pressing and manual coating, etc. Aqueous polyurethane adhesives in the field can be designed according to the actual situation of different system viscosity, spraying or brush construction, so as to adapt to different door plank shape and processing conditions of series products, because at the same time, the door trim molding manufacturing, relatively high degree of mechanization and standardization for the application of waterborne polyurethane adhesive also brought convenient process adaptability, at present the proportion of waterborne adhesives in this field is relatively high. Just on the laminating PP material, use the waterborne polyurethane adhesive will be carried out on the surface of the frame prior to pretreatment, the more common approach for corona, plasma and spray coating etc. Is mainly composed of cushions and metal stents 2 part, cushion commonly used material for PU high resilience foam molding, combined with decorative fabrics. To prevent slippage, general use fixed on the present set of plastic panels embedded in the foam pad. But when a collision accident, car MATS in the plastic strip is passenger safety hidden trouble. As a result, many models now use bonding process to fixed seating, use water-based polyurethane adhesive coating on the cushion, fitted with seat cover after drying, hot pressing to finalize the design again, already beautiful and safe. For actual use area or the limitation of process conditions, at present the field actual use of the proportion of the waterborne polyurethane adhesive is not high. For decorative requirements is not high, generally by the non-woven carpet and the skeleton composite forming. For the relevant parts of the area is relatively large, and composite material permeability are not strong, the construction requirements and production process of forming time is shorter, the temperature is relatively low, the performance of the waterborne polyurethane adhesive from their own, can better meet the requirements of materials, storage space of workshop but at the same time, the drying tunnel construction and mold temperature will put forward relevant requirements, thus limiting the partial application. Car rear compartment and flocking: doors and Windows sealing strip is gradually used waterborne polyurethane adhesive and its environmental protection, good resistance to friction and fastness. Central armrest skin coated, general manual operation, open time hope a little better, at the same time at the beginning of viscous force, energy saving, better solvent adhesive is used currently still account for larger proportion, but the new model has also been gradually adopt water-based polyurethane adhesive. The rest of the interior parts, such as PVC artificial leather, instrument panel, fenders and ceiling, carpet, water-based polyurethane emulsion manufacturers of these materials have strong adhesion. With the deepening of the waterborne polyurethane research and the development of related technologies, waterborne polyurethane in the field of automobile interior trim will have wider applications.
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