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The application of waterborne polyurethane curing agent

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-02
In recent years, with many waterborne polyurethane resin manufacturers of promotion and policy guidance, water-based paint more and more recognized by the market, and various performance indexes of two-component waterborne paint better than that of single component, and has to be able to compete with oil paint, it has to do with the development and application of waterborne polyurethane curing agent is inseparable. Waterborne polyurethane curing agent contains a lot of isocyanate group ( - - - - - - NCO) To many, such as hydroxyl, amino and carboxyl functional groups happen condensation reaction. Isocyanate also can react with water to produce urea, releasing carbon dioxide. How to effectively control the adverse event and excellent performance two-component water-borne coatings is prepared, need to select the proper waterborne curing agents, and grasp the formula design and detail with paint membrane key points. Waterborne polyurethane curing agent has certain hydrophilicity, can be better dispersed in aqueous system, and water mixing crosslinking hydroxyl resin curing, can be widely used in coatings and adhesives. And waterborne polyurethane curing agent choice need to consider the convenience of construction and applicable period, NCO group in aqueous system inevitably contact with water, it achieves the reactivity of cyanate ester with hydroxyl is higher than its reactivity, with water activation period at least 2 h, is commonly 4 h, 6 - some field requirements 8 h or above, and suitable viscosity. Waterborne polyurethane curing agent applied research began in the 1980 s, Germany bayer company has been in research and development the front, but also for waterborne curing agents and made outstanding contributions of water-based paint, domestic started relatively late, but development is rapid, widely used in industrial coatings, floor coatings, wood coatings, automotive industry and textile industry etc. In the industrial application of waterborne polyurethane coating curing agent with water-based hydroxyl resin dispersions, due to the hydroxy dispersion small molecular weight, high hydroxyl value, do not contain surfactant, vast amounts after curing high density, high hardness, good gloss, good patience. In performance can match completely oily coating, can be widely used industrial anti-corrosion and decorative coatings. In addition, such as industrial coil coating USES baking one-component waterborne paint, choose enclosed waterborne polyurethane curing agent, after the film has better toughness and scratch resistance. In the application of floor coating water-borne floor paint is composed of two-component waterborne polyurethane coatings has the characteristics of environmental health, unlike epoxy floor paint, water-based polyurethane coating with high flexibility, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, water, good scratch resistance. In wood coatings of dumb light of the application of high quality water-based wood coatings is one of the focuses of the furniture industry direction, paint film extinction after good sense and comfortable feeling to the person, is very popular with people. Add the matting agent outside the varnish coating transparency is not high, and poor resistance to medium. By curing agent can be achieved from the molecular structure of extinction effect, also a water paint, tie-in and different structure of dumb light curing agent, can get we need. Application in the automotive industry car repair paint to achieve the original paint and high gloss, quick drying, good patience, need low temperature curing, and waterborne two-component polyurethane paint can be very good to meet these requirements. Construction is convenient, can do normal or low temperature bake, and no pollution to the environment. With the mature of water-based paint technology, waterborne polyurethane curing agent based two-component car repair paint will occupy more and more market share. Application in textile and printing nonionic waterborne polyurethane curing agent used as crosslinking agent in textile and printing industry, added to the adhesive, all kinds of resin, polymer chemical material dispersion or used in aqueous solution, such as drying, heat treatment can make excellent performance. Adding nonionic waterborne polyurethane curing agent, can improve the fabric of waterproof and oil, and enhance its bond with fabric, improve its wear resistance, scrub resistance, resistance to chemical character and yellow degeneration.
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