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The benefits of using online cartons waterproof light oil glazing

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-13
Carton waterproof light oil must according to the different way of glazing, paper type, product quality factors such as comprehensive consideration, good polishing effect can be achieved. At present, the domestic many printing factory have been using water-based waterproof light oil, however, in the process of online glazing, often will encounter many problems. Online glazing is glazing unit connection after the printing unit, printing, polishing once completed. Now, most of the printing press which can realize the process, without the need for additional special polishing equipment, not only save money, improve the working efficiency. Online glazing in addition to the benefits above, its claim to the glazing oil is high. Solvent oil polish before domestic use is common, but because of its in water resistance, abrasion resistance, viscosity, dry effect of slightly, and belongs to organic volatile alcohols, for environment protection, harm the health of operators and users. In recent years, paper box, paper carton etc packing league polishing has been gradually using water-based cartons waterproof light oil. It was based on the water as the solvent, non-toxic tasteless, has advantages in terms of environmental protection, use and storage is convenient, safe, also can use different protective effect of functional resin production, especially wide postpress eligibility. Professional r &d and production well waterproof cartons in light oil, is available online, using a single glazing, the product has quick drying, high transparency, back to viscosity, flow resistance, good resistance to water and has high wear resistance, conforms to the ROHS environmental protection requirements, the drying performance to solve the online glazing speed requirements, greatly improve the quality of glazing of printing quality, improve production efficiency.
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