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The cartons waterproof light oil glazing technology in carton packaging and printing

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-20
Waterproof light oil well in carton manufacturer small make up today for you to introduce the polishing technology of carton packaging and printing. Laminating process is simple, cheap, but due to the resin coated paper after recycling, non-biodegradable, easy to cause the white pollution, use for a long time will endanger the health of workers. Therefore, traditions of the coating type laminating adhesive materials will be replaced by the environmental protection new type adhesive with high quality. Glazing can not only enhance the surface light, protect printing graphic, and do not affect paper recycling, can save resources, protect the environment. So is widely used in the cartons, cartons and other paper printing quality of surface processing. Mainly including solvent oil polish glazing coating, waterborne glazing oil, UV glazing oil, etc. Due to the poor solvent oil polish effect, and is not conducive to environmental protection, is limited application scope. Cartons waterproof light oil is a kind of waterborne glazing oil, it is specialized in paper box, paper carton printing gloss oil, with water as solvent, non-toxic tasteless, eliminates the harm to human body and the pollution to the environment, are fast dry bath, stable performance, polishing surface wearability, postpress eligibility wide, heat sealing performance is good, safe and reliable use, etc, more and more food, medicine, tobacco, carton packaging and printing enterprise's attention. UV glazing by ultraviolet irradiation, chemical reaction in the UV coating inside, complete the curing process. Due to the effect of UV, UV glazing instant drying, curing does not exist when the evaporation of the solvent, won't cause pollution to the environment. Using UV glazing oil printing quality, high surface gloss, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to water, light, but as a result of UV glazing oil price is high, the machine performance requirements is high, therefore, failed to a wide range of applications. Learned after polishing technology, hope to help manufacturers in the selection the print gloss oil, paper manufacturers commonly used today is water-based waterproof light oil, its environmental protection, price is low wait for an advantage not destined to replace environmentally friendly oil polish. Water-based cartons waterproof light oil in addition to strengthen the water resistance and abrasion resistance, paper can increase the surface gloss of paper, effectively upgrade the product.
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