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The cartons waterproof light oil products

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-05
Environmental protection is related to the big problem of human existence. Printing products is one of the most widely used products, of course we more and more attention, in paper packaging and printing and commercial printing, etc. , in recent years has gradually increased the health, environmental protection, labor protection requirements and restriction conditions, efforts to the development and application of pollution-free, pollution-free & other; Green & throughout; Waterproof materials is imperative, water-based carton light oil is a research and development of new paper printing glazing materials in recent years, the attention of the printing industry people. It is on the surface of the copy that has been completed by printing process, using field plate or by plate with a printing machine printed once or twice glazing oil, make print surface light thin film layer. Environmental protection waterproof cartons light oil is made of synthetic resin, additives and water processed by science and technology. Has a non-toxic, no stimulation, no organic volatile, low cost, wide material sources and other characteristics, is unmatched by other solvent-based glazing oil. Water-based cartons waterproof light oil can eliminate the harm of human body in the operation and the pollution to the environment, has become more and more by food, medicine, tobacco, carton, carton packaging printing enterprises. Carton waterproof light oil compared with solvent-based glazing oil in addition to the advantages of environmental protection, and our grace manufacturer of induction of the following: (1) high transparency, good gloss, no influence to color print, printed light, in strong sunlight for a long time, under the irradiation of the cartons waterproof light oil is not easy to yellow. (2) high resistance to wear, scratch resistance, was printed surfaces, wear-resisting, no fading, repelling water, spent oil, deeply user welcome and trust. (3) conjunctival speed, dry quickly, in gravure, flexo printing, high speed on light test effect is very good. (4) use, convenient transportation, storage, security, water based waterproof cartons of light oil is good for safety production and improve the worker labor conditions. Due to solvent oil polish belongs to the category of dangerous goods, transport, storage, use very inconvenience, waterproof light oil with water as solvent and water based carton, without any danger, the use of safe and reliable. After the light, can be directly printing roller, machine, wash with water and liquid trough, keep the machine, workshop area clean, clean, and don't pollute the environment. 5. Non-toxic tasteless, carton waterproof light oil with water as solvent, only a small amount of volatile edible alcohol as auxiliary solvent. 7 good flatness, volume resistance is strong, one of the most difficult problems in the gravure printing is printed after several color group after continuous dry, paper moisture content is extremely low, especially easy to curl, so that cannot be used. Use water-based waterproof light oil to the flexible packaging polishing, product by cutting big pieces, and then gilding cutting, still keep good flatness and volume resistance. Today environmental non-toxic, no harm to people, on the environment pollution-free, the price is reasonable.
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