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The classification of waterborne polyurethane

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-01
Due to the synthesis of polyurethane raw materials and preparation methods of diversity, so the classification method of waterborne polyurethane also many, usually have five kinds of classification methods. A, according to the dispersed state ( Appearance) Classification according to the water-borne polyurethane aqueous polyurethane emulsion particle size and appearance can be divided into three categories: ( 1) Polyurethane aqueous solution, particle size of < 0. 001 microns, the molecular weight is less than 1000, transparent appearance. ( 2) Polyurethane dispersion, particle size of zero. 001 - 0. 1 microns, thousands of molecular weight ten thousand, transparent appearance. ( 3) Polyurethane emulsion and particle size> 0. 1 microns, the molecular weight> 5000, appearance of gonorrhea. Habits on the dispersion and collectively referred to as polyurethane emulsion latex or polyurethane dispersion. Second, according to the nature of the hydrophilic group classification according to the side chain of waterborne polyurethane or containing different ionic groups on the main chain, waterborne polyurethane can be divided into: anionic, cationic and nonionic waterborne polyurethane. Anionic waterborne polyurethane, polyurethane on the molecular main chain or side chain containing anion groups of waterborne polyurethane, which has two kinds of carboxylic acid type and sulfonic acid type; Cationic waterborne polyurethane, polyurethane on the molecular main chain or side chain containing ammonium ions ( Most of the quaternary ammonium ions) Or sulfur ion waterborne polyurethane; Does not contain ion in nonionic waterborne polyurethane: molecular groups of waterborne polyurethane; Hybrid: waterborne polyurethane molecules also contains ionic and nonionic hydrophilic group or segment of waterborne polyurethane. Three, classified by using the form according to the use of different form, waterborne polyurethane can be divided into two categories, one component and two components. One-component waterborne polyurethane: to get the required performance without the need for crosslinking agent waterborne polyurethane; A two-component waterborne polyurethane (pu) : used alone cannot obtain the required performance, to add a crosslinking agent, waterborne polyurethane main agent and crosslinking agent composed of two-component system. Four, according to synthetic raw material classification according to oligomer polyols can be divided into: polyester, polyether, poly dilute hydrocarbon type type waterborne polyurethane, etc. According to the multiple isocyanates can be divided into: aliphatic, aromatic and alicyclic type waterborne polyurethane. Five, according to pu integral structure classification according to the molecular structure type can be divided into linear and waterborne polyurethane crosslinking aqueous polyurethane, crosslinking and foreign league on can divide again stated.
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