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The development of vacuum nano coating technology

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-26
Vacuum coating technology start time is not long, the world in the 1960 s did not appear to CVD ( Chemical vapor deposition) Technology is applied to the carbide cutting tools. With the technology should be carried out at high temperatures ( Process temperature higher than 1000 oc) Single, coating types, limitation is very big, therefore, the early stage of development is poor. By the end of the 1970 s, began to appear PVD ( Physical vapor deposition) Technology for vacuum coating started a new world, full of bright prospects, in as little as 20 or 30 years after PVD coating technology rapid development, investigate its reason, because of its film in vacuum sealed cavity, almost no pollution, environmentally friendly; Because it can get the surface of the light, showily, in color, ripe seven color, silver, transparent color, golden, black, and by any one color between golden brown to black, is colourful, can satisfy the various needs of decorative; Because of PVD technology again, can easily get other methods are difficult to obtain high hardness, high wear resistance of ceramic coating, composite coating, used in tooling, mold, can make the life be doubled, better realize the low cost and high income effect; In addition, the PVD coating technology has two features low temperature, high energy, can in almost any substrate film, therefore, the application range is very wide, its developing rapidly and it is not surprising. Vacuum PCVD emerged in the nano coating technology development to today, Physical and chemical vapor deposition) ,太 CVD( Medium temperature chemical vapor deposition) New technologies, such as various kinds of coating equipment, all kinds of coating technology emerge in endlessly, now in this field, has presented flowers, rowdiness gratifying scene. At the same time, we should also clearly see that the development of vacuum coating technology is seriously unbalanced. Due to the tool, mold working environment is extremely bad, the requirement of film adhesion, far higher than decorative coating. Thus, although the manufacturer of decorative coating has been throughout the country, but no factory can produce the mould coating. Coupled with the tool, mold coating the lack of after-sales service, so far, most domestic coating equipment manufacturer is unable to provide complete cutting tool coating technology ( Including pretreatment process, coating process, coating the post-processing technology, testing technology, the application of coating tool and mould technology, etc. ) , and it also requires a process technical personnel, in addition to the master of professional knowledge of coating, also should have solid knowledge of metal material and heat treatment, mould coating surface pretreatment before the selection of proper knowledge, cutting tool, mold coating as well as the technical requirements for computer use, if any links appear problem, can give users use the effect is not ideal. All these have seriously restricted the application of this technology on the cutting tool, die. , on the other hand, because the technology is a between materials science, physics, electronics, chemistry and other disciplines of emerging edge discipline, and applied to the cutting tool, die domestic production in the field of one of the few leading manufacturers, mostly walk is a introduction of advanced equipment and technology from abroad, it remains to be a process of digestion, absorption, therefore, at present in the field of domestic technical force is out of proportion to its development, urgently needs to catch up.
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