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The difference between pur hot melt adhesive and Eva hot melt adhesive pur adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-21
Hot melt adhesive is a large category, structure of PUR hot melt glue and EVA hot melt adhesive are among them, both in common is both do not contain any organic solvent, solid content is 100%, green environmental protection, all need heating operation. Structure of PUR hot melt adhesive and the difference between EVA hot melt adhesive: a, the reaction mechanism is different: the reaction mechanism of PUR is moisture curing, belongs to the irreversible reaction. After heating operation, the joint and the moisture in the air, after the reaction is irreversible, The heat will not melt) , this kind of irreversible reaction can provide better strength and resistance to high and low temperature performance. EVA is a physical bond, daub glue solution in glued on cooling solidification. Will melt after heating, again and again into a glue stick body glued glue, is reversible. Different components: PUR polyurethane class, EVA is ethylene vinyl acetate classes; Three, the structure of the packaging and use PUR hot melt glue is sealed packaging, glue need to seal the professional equipment. EVA is not required. PUR hot melt adhesive structure relative to the advantage of EVA glue: PUR adhesive cured irreversible, have higher strength and high and low temperature resistance, the use of high reliability. Suitable for comparison on bonding requirements in modern industry in the field of electronic adhesive bonding, lens, housing assembly of small joint, etc. EVA hot melt adhesive relatively poor rigidity, relative PUR polyester softening point is lower, most at about 100 ℃, limits the scope of its use.
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