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The difference between the ink and solvent ink water-based plastic

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-09
Water-based plastic ink and solvent ink can be applied to plastic film printing, they are printed in the composition, characteristics, use has the very big difference, the difference between them are listed below by Luke small make up! 1, the composition of the difference between water-based plastic printing ink is made by imported water-based acrylic resin, senior paste, water and fertilizer. Solvent ink is made up of resin, pigments, toluene, xylene, etc. 2, characteristic difference between water-based plastic printing ink is environmental protection non-toxic, low odor, non-combustible, not meet the requirements of the ROHS environmental protection water-based ink. Solvent ink stimulating odour, flammable and explosive, the production process easy volatilize harmful gas polluting the atmosphere and harm human health. 3, using the difference between water, plastic printing ink can be direct available water dilution, use for a long time not corrosion anilox roll and finished printing rinse the print directly, simple to use, easy to operate. Solvent ink to the day that the diluent such as water, easy to corrosion anilox roll, the oily texture difficult cleaning on the print, need washing machine water assisted, increase the production cost, great harm to the health of the printing worker. In addition to the above difference is the water in the transportation and application of plastic printing ink has great advantages, can both in export and domestic logistics transportation, door without inspection, fast shipping on time. Its wide application, can be used in LDPE, HDPE, OPP, PVC, PET plastic materials, such as gravure or letterpress printing process, is the best choice for environmental transformation trend today.
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