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The influence of paper performance of water-based sealing adhesive to meet! Ing,

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-24
Carton using water-based adhesive sealing adhesive for sealing adhesive is very common, but sometimes will produce some of the poor adhesion phenomena, some of which are and the performance of the paper have certain connection, water-based adhesive peel strength concrete how to see below. The degree of thickness of paper if the designer didn't according to the structure and the characteristics of the paper used the carton considering the influence of the thickness of the paper for carton forming and make reasonable adjustment, so will to some extent influence the carton forming effect, so the degree of thickness of paper is also cannot be ignored in the design of the factor. Paper plastic absorbing ability of different paper glue absorption ability is different also, good paper smooth surface of the adhesive ability weak absorption, surface rough paper adhesive ability strong absorption. Two kinds of coated paper in the same case, then the adhesive ability weak absorption paper glue drying time will be longer. Glue the relay glue strong strong. But relatively smooth rough paper paper glue cost will increase. Paper fiber direction after the paper fiber direction for carton printing process will produce certain effect. In: die cutting indentation of carton processing, such as indentation steel wire and paper fiber direction parallel, cannot effectively make indentation area paper fiber stress evenly at the same time, the carton forming without internal stress in the zone of indentation, the supporting force under the action of outside will be appeared in creasing Fried line; When indentation steel wire and paper fiber direction is vertical, can make the indentation area paper fiber stress evenly at the same time, the paper box pasting box forming effect is good. The flexibility of the density of water-based adhesives for paper paper is made from wood pulp is known to all, but in addition to the plant fiber in paper ( Wood pulp) And the cost of plant fiber, such as: glass fiber, synthetic fiber. Because the fiber is long fiber, strength and toughness is very strong, so if paper containing fiber more, then the paper folding resistance is better, in other words, the better flexibility. On the other hand, the fiber content is much flexibility is poor. If less flexible paper, is bound to in die cutting indentation cracks appear in the process, the naked eye is hard to find, so will cause the quality defects of gift box, so the time is bound to be a pasting box sealing quality defects. So in the gift box to choose paper, try to choose good product flexibility.
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