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The introduction of waterborne polyurethane adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-29
Waterborne polyurethane, full water-borne polyurethane ( Waterborne Polyurethane WPU) , it mainly contains hydroxyl containing alcohol and isocyanate based isocyanate by reaction generates more block polyurethane polymer and its molecular structure contains a lot of repeated carbamate. Waterborne polyurethane polymerization research began in the last century 40 s, today has been applied to the major areas of our daily life] 。 As early as in 1849, German professor Wurtz successful system aliphatic isocyanate. But the emergence of polyurethane, until in 1937 by a German chemist Otto Bayer by 1, 4 - Six methylene succinic and diisocyanate synthesized successfully. After this excellent polyurethane with its unique performance of soon be applied to many of the chemical industry. So later Germany also known as the birthplace of the polyurethane industry. Following with the rapid development of global economy, the people's attention to environmental protection concept. At the same time, under the industrial market the huge stimulus, the research of waterborne polyurethane in the early 90 s with the arises at the historic moment. After 30 years of development, KBC chemical enterprise co. , LTD. , the United States Air Products company, British zeneca of waterborne polyurethane for in-depth research. And relative to other countries about the research of waterborne polyurethane in our country develop slowly, started in the 1970 s and 1989 domestic polyurethane were successfully synthesized was first put into industrial production. As of today, China's production of polyurethane has reached 10 million tons, accounting for about 50% of the total global polyurethane production, according to official data to predict polyurethane production will continue growing trend in the coming years. At present, most researchers on the study of water-borne polyurethane or stay in the single carboxylic acid type, relative to the carboxylic acid type waterborne polyurethane, sulfonic acid and biomass raw materials modified waterborne polyurethane started later. However, these new type of waterborne polyurethane in the resistance to water, solid content, mechanical properties, thermodynamics revealed a huge distinction. Synthesized a kind of waterborne polyurethane molecular chain containing sulfonic acid groups, hard segment, its dispersion system with low viscosity and solid content is higher, and further on its mechanical properties and storage stability. The research results show that this kind of sulfonic acid type of waterborne polyurethane carboxylic acid type, compared with good mechanical properties and storage stability. This is due to the sulfonic group has great potential, electric double layer between the electrostatic repulsion between blocked molecules cohesion, strong hydrophilicity, caused the synthesis of waterborne polyurethane dispersion stability is improved. At the same time, the introduction of sulfonic acid group, make the whole system get increasing of hard segment content, which resulted in increased molecular inter-atomic forces, molecular structure arrangement more neat and orderly. With sulfonic acid and hydrazine hydrate chain extension agent, solid content is 40% of waterborne polyurethane was synthesized successfully, and studied the sulfonic group content on the effect of the waterborne polyurethane film. The results show that the tensile strength and elongation at break of emulsion stability, film, thermodynamic stability are improved significantly. Castor oil as crosslinking agent, synthesis of castor oil modified waterborne polyurethane. The research results show that with the increasing of castor oil content, hydrophobic property and mechanics performance of the film, when W = 5. 5%, the comprehensive performance of waterborne polyurethane film best. So that got broaden the application scope of waterborne polyurethane. Rosin was used as modifier to poly (caprolactone glycol PCL220N) 、TDI- 80 as the main raw materials, synthetic route for the preparation of the TDI of rosin modified waterborne polyurethane adhesive glue agent. The research results show that when the introduction of rosin is 5. 73%, the tensile strength of the waterborne polyurethane film reaches maximum.
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