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The kinds of waterborne plastic gravure printing ink scraping blade

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-24
Scraping knife is used to scrape off the excess water surface on gravure printing sheet plastic printing ink, gravure printing in scraping knife it is a mechanical operation, relatively simple. Scraping blade need good abrasion resistance and high efficiency etc. , the print effect is ideal. A, according to the materials of the scraping blade can be divided into carbon steel blades, stainless steel blade, plastic scraper and coating scraper; Second, according to the shape of the scraping blade, can be divided into pointed scraper, circular arc blades, trapezoid blade; Three, the specifications of the scraping blade usually expressed as: A× B / c× DA: the width of the blade ( 10、22、30、40、50、60mm) B: the thickness of the blade ( 0. 15, 0. 20mm) C: (the width of the blade 1. 3毫米,1。 4mm) D: the thickness of the blade ( 0. 065, 0. 075, 0. 10毫米) Soluble, water-based adhesive general press printing category select the scraper, water-based plastic gravure ink film generally choose 50 um blade scraping blade. When buying scraping blade according to the actual printing, printing substrate for the choose and buy.
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