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The main characteristics of PUR hot melt adhesive PUR adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-25
PUR adhesive's main features include the following four points: ( 1) Moisture curing, drying process, fast curing, easy operation, can form a quick bonding. Follow-up crosslinking curing reaction under normal temperature, the ultimate bonding strength greatly improved; ( 2) Do not contain any organic solvent, for environmental protection green adhesive; ( 3) Easy to industrial automation, mechanization and improve the productivity; ( 4) Excellent water resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance and low temperature resistance. Due to the many virtues PUR hot melt glue, make its application more and more widely, especially in the field of fine electronic adhesive. Now PUR glue is widely used in packaging, wood processing, automobile, textile, mechanical and electronic and aerospace, and other areas of the national economy. Hot melt adhesive with its superior performance, use more and more outstanding in the field of electronic products, at present, with the rapid development of electronic products, more and more high to the requirement of hot melt adhesive glue use. Specific performance in: hot melt adhesive glue quantity needed for as little as possible, but at the same time requires high bonding strength, heat resistance performance is strong, and so on. And the traditional hot melt adhesive, usually in the high temperature of 120 ℃, low temperature resistant in - Around 40 ℃, is hard to meet the performance requirements of heat-resistant of electronic products; And, hot melt adhesive is exposed to alcohol, gasoline, and although there are not easily dissolve in toluene, ect, but the content such as alcohol, gasoline and toluene will soften the traditional hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive bonding performance. Moreover, under the same intensity, the traditional hot melt adhesive to achieve electronic products need adhesiveness, sizing quantity is larger; Sizing temperature is higher, the traditional hot melt adhesive glue temperature usually is as high as 170 ℃. The most important is, the hot melt adhesive on the market, most of defects existing in on the heat resistance performance, as a result, in some areas of applications does it's easy to have a glue phenomenon, for example, in the mobile phone industry, some mobile phones, USES the hot melt glue in the south ( Higher temperature) Use don't appear problem, but once the mobile phone sales to the north ( The temperature below 0 ℃) Does will glue; In the north (or, The temperature below 0 ℃) Use don't appear problem, but once the mobile phone sales to the south ( Higher temperature) Does will glue.
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