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The papermaking chemicals is going to rise!

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-21
Factors affected by basic raw materials increases, recently domestic each big acid-base suppliers have raised ex-factory price, rises in 20 - Between 30% and by the superposition of domestic road transport transfinite governance policy effect, road transport logistics cost is also rising, fright quote has been greatly raised. Is the first to react textile dyes, dye domestic several leading enterprises have raised scattered, active ex-factory price. Papermaking chemicals network specifically in the field of papermaking, last week several papermaking chemicals giant enterprises have pricing is quoted in succession, major domestic papermaking chemicals producer's show calm, believe is brewing in the dark, maybe people just waiting for an appropriate time. SuoLi thought ( Solenis) Announced a global rise in price notice on September 22, SuoLi announced the company worldwide all process chemicals and water treatment products will be on the price increase since October 15, 2016, part of the price of time the customer contract shall prevail. The increase of 2% 4%, depending on the region, products and services to specific implementation. SuoLi, pulp and paper business, senior vice President, Robinson said: & other; Inflationary pressure and energy, transportation, and labor and the increase of the cost of investment, makes the enterprise had to declare the price. SuoLi will continue to cooperate with customers, dedicated to control cost with high value, innovative solutions, to gradually reduce cost increase of pressure. after Kemira) Announced in the Asia Pacific market alkyl ketene dimers ( AKD) Wax powder prices on Oct. 13, even announced in the Asia Pacific market sales to specific AKD ( Alkyl ketene dimer) Wax powder glue products to increase not more than 15% of the price increase. Relevant price adjustment with immediate effect, or the existing AKD wax powder product contract terms to allow cases executed immediately. The price adjustment is derived from the AKD wax powder corresponding costs within the supply chain. AKD wax powder is the main raw material of AKD sizing product. Bachmann ( 巴克曼) Worldwide rise in price notice on October 19, in Memphis, Tennessee, us & ndash; — Bachmann announced since November 15, 2016 for a specific product line for price adjustment. The increase of 2% 6%, depending on the region, products and services to specific implementation. Need to adjust some of the have a currency area, price increases could be higher. South America papermaking chemical suppliers bachmann brad walden's vice President of global supply chain ( 布拉德·瓦尔登湖) Said: & other; The prices of raw materials, energy, transportation, labor and regulatory costs driven to ascend. Bachmann will, as always, on a global scale continues to invest in new technology and optimize the operation, as far as possible at the lowest cost for our customers to provide the highest quality products and services. “
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