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The physical properties of aqueous polyurethane synthetic leather analysis

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-03
, mechanical property analysis from the following table water-based and solvent-based synthetic leather can be seen in the physics test data, through the formulation of design optimization, reasonable process control, waterborne polyurethane leather peel strength can reach the solvent-based polyurethane synthetic leather, coating of also can have good physical properties. Look from the wear resistance, the WPU - HBP modified waterborne polyurethane as synthetic leather surface resin, its wear-resisting degree is better than solvent-based polyurethane synthetic leather. This is mainly due to the PAMAM is introduced into the polyurethane molecular, to a certain extent, reduce the water-based polyurethane surface energy, reduce the friction coefficient, the surface microscopic smoothness better ( Conclusion by AFM observations) , which makes the water-based pu synthetic leather surface is more wear-resisting. In addition, dry waterborne polyurethane coating thickness is thicker, so wear scraping resistance is also will be better. Look from folding fastness, waterborne polyurethane leather folding fastness at room temperature can reach the standard of physical properties of the solvent polyurethane synthetic leather, that waterborne polyurethane leather flexibility can achieve shoes material with leather technology standard, use lay the foundation for the expansion of the waterborne polyurethane. Look from the adhesion resistance test results, waterborne polyurethane adhesive resistance, we still have some gap in a solvent, it is mainly because waterborne polyurethane contain a certain amount of hydrophilic groups, these groups under the certain condition of humidity and temperature, makes the waterborne polyurethane molecular chain has better between molecular inter-atomic forces, easy to form the adhesion between the molecules. Second, the water vapor permeability test results permeable gas test is leather health performance is an important index, impact synthetic leather as shoes, clothes, the finished products such as wearing comfort. Below for the preparation of waterborne polyurethane leather with solvent through steam performance test results of synthetic leather. Can be seen from the above data, whether water beth or water-based synthetic leather, the water vapor permeability is solvent. This is partly because water-based resin containing a large number of active hydrophilic group, and the reactive group can be in the form of hydrogen bond with water, increase the water vapor permeability of membrane, which increase the channels of water molecule transfer, so as to improve the moisture permeability of the membrane; From water, on the other hand, leather and solvent-based leather has learned that in the SEM image observation, water-based beth has more of a through hole, can form better breathable moisture permeable channels, deliver more water vapor. Three, permeability test results below is water-based and solvent-based synthetic leather bass and finished product in accordance with the H. C。 Fee much rove breathable leather to test results. By below data as you can see, water-based synthetic leather beth permeability is obviously better than solvent-based beth, and water vapor permeability of pu synthetic leather is solvent synthetic leather is a bit poor, this is because the water beth with special structure characteristics, can form more unobstructed air channel, good through hole can realize water beth good air permeability, but the water dry film-forming relatively more dense and thick, so the water vapor permeability of leather has fallen. Four synthetic leather surface coating, water contact Angle analysis directly affects the surface texture of leather products, water contact Angle test can indirectly through the discretion of the leather surface can characterize leather sensory indicators such as slide may just as well. Below for waterborne pu synthetic leather and solvent-based polyurethane synthetic leather surface water contact Angle photos. You can see by the picture, waterborne polyurethane leather water contact Angle of 87. 2 °, solvent-based polyurethane leather for 83. 3 °, explain WPU - HBP type for the surface of the waterborne polyurethane pu synthetic leather is solvent-based polyurethane leather has more water contact Angle, surface energy is lower and it is advantageous to the surface properties of the waterborne pu synthetic leather, is helpful to form more wear-resisting, smooth surface. Was prepared with home-made waterborne polyurethane as raw material, practice water-based pu synthetic leather. Discussed research showed that aqueous pu synthetic leather technological principle, control points, equipment requirements, the results show that the water-based wet process and dry process technology is adopted to improve the water-based pu synthetic leather processing, the technology and equipment has feasibility and operability. Use the WPU - HBP for surface, amphoteric ionic water based polyurethane for waterborne polyurethane glue layer, carboxylic acid/sulfonic acid type for waterborne polyurethane foam layer, and validated by engineering practice, the results show that the water-based pu synthetic leather coating peel strength of 31. 5 n, wear-resisting acuity 1000 turn, folding 50000 times or more, the adhesion resistance level 4, the basic physical property is close to or achieve solvent synthetic leather property standards; Waterborne polyurethane leather water vapor permeability of 948 g/m2, 24 h solvent synthetic leather has certain structure performance advantages, health performance is good, permeability is 710 m L/cm2 • h, and the solvent is close to.
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