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The present situation and the development trend of adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-15
In the 90 s, foreign adhesive products in building materials industry has developed rapidly, the average annual growth rate has reached 3%, and realize the new breakthrough. Through the introduction, absorption and innovation, research, production of adhesive products and application present a thriving scene, new varieties, the average annual growth rate of adhesive products in China this century is about 20%. At present, the adhesive has become one of the major materials in building materials industry in our country. Along with the construction of material such as weather resistance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, and environmental protection performance requirements unceasing enhancement, the preparation of the adhesive technology and production technology progress, more and more kinds of new products [ 1] 。 Adhesive were introduced in this paper the definition, classification, research progress and application status, and focus on adhesive reinforcement engineering application in building, hope that its content is beneficial to the development of adhesive. And the definition of 2 adhesives adhesives adhesives is called [ 2] , is through the interface adhesion, cohesion, friction and occlusal function make two or more parts together is the common force ( Or play a functional role) Material, it can be natural, also can be artificial preparation, can be inorganic, organic, inorganic - can also be Organic compound. Adhesive, in short, it is through the bonding effect, can make the glued together the material object. Classification according to the material properties of 3 adhesives, adhesive and artificial can be divided into natural adhesives glue adhesion agent. Is the nature of natural adhesives as adhesive material directly, or through simple processing, the adhesives such as can some ingredients extracted from plant and animal glue, processed to get glue adhesion agent. Mainly refers to artificial adhesives used chemical raw materials, processing of adhesives common have synthetic resin, sodium silicate, such as cement, gypsum based adhesives [ 5] 。 According to the purpose, the adhesive in building materials industry mainly include two and decorative building adhesives adhesives classes. Often used in the building in building adhesives structure bearing parts, the main ingredients for polyurethane, asphalt or silicone and cement, etc. [ 3] 。 Often decorate adhesives used in interior decoration, doors and Windows and, in areas such as the basement is mainly on the market and cement base adhesive neoprene adhesives goo. According to the using performance, can put the building materials industry is divided into six types of adhesives, specific for: without solvent and liquid adhesives, hot melt adhesives, emulsion adhesives, water-soluble adhesives and solvent adhesives [skeleton cement mixture type adhesives 4] 。 Among them, the most common liquid solventless adhesives, such as such as epoxy resin adhesives. There are common hot melt adhesives and polyacrylate adhesives such as polystyrene adhesives. Have the common emulsion adhesives and a variety of chlorinated rubber adhesives type resin glue adhesion agent. There are common water-soluble adhesives such as ethylene glycol adhesives. A common solvent adhesives such as butyl rubber adhesives. Cement skeleton when used as long as the mixing type adhesives in proportion to add water mix at the scene, after construction with the hydration of cement setting, hardening and strength gradually. Common cement skeleton of a mixing type adhesives, ceramic tile glue and insulation adhesives such as reinforcement materials, adhesives. The research progress of 4 adhesives in building materials industry, the adhesive has a wide application range, good market potential and development prospects.
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