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The pressure effect on adhesion resistance of mucilage printing fabric

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-19
Adhesive is refers to the material surface and the adhesive' target='_blank'>adhesion between the surface of materials. Printing for its colorful color and changeful modelling, are favored by designers, range is very widely used in clothing, especially in recent years, the printing has become each big brand designer's pet. But in actual use process, will appear adhesion even some garment printing position falls off phenomenon, this not only affect the garment appearance, also detrimental to the reputation and image of brands. And at present, the domestic about the adhesion of printing fabrics are almost blank, test method of the relevant test method only FZ/T 01063 - 2008 'the determination of the adhesion resistance coating fabric'. Therefore, the study of printing fabrics adhesion resistance is particularly urgent. Printed according to the different process, mainly divides into the water slurry printing, rubber paste printing and printing ink, among them, the mucilage printing due to its colour is beautiful, good coverage, glossiness and stereo feeling, has been widely used in clothing, based on the mucilage printing fabric as the research object, according to the clothing, in the case of actual use, the different temperature, pressure, time, relative humidity conditions, such as the fabric adhesive, a set of reasonable test conditions, in order to achieve the purpose of prevention at the same time, for brands and manufacturers in the quality control to provide the reference. When evaluate the test results, in order to have good visual and descriptive, combination of FZ/T 01063 - 2008 and GB/T 4802. 1 - 2008 evaluation method, in the form of text, is divided into five grades, classification and description is as follows: - — Said without adhesion; Minor - — Said there was a slight adhesion, can tear a bit hard, printing complete without loss; Medium - — Said have lesser adhesion, apparently feel hard to tear apart, printing complete without loss; The heavier - — Said a heavier adhesion, with greater force to tear, printed slightly off; Serious - — Said has serious adhesion, it is very hard to tear apart, printed a serious loss. Pressure effects: the combination of good sample, applying different levels of pressure in temperature 25 ℃, time of 24 h, 65% relative humidity conditions, testing different adherent mucilage printing fabric, as shown in the figure below. By above knowable, with the increase of the pressure, each printed fabric gradually appear different degree of adhesion, adhesion and pressure is obvious positive correlation. Most of the samples from 4 kpa mild adhesion phenomenon, start from 6 kpa began printing slight fall off phenomenon, when the pressure reaches 7 kpa, printing has a severe fall off phenomenon. Visible, printed fabric under the action of certain pressure, will strengthen the interaction force between the printing surface molecules and molecular, when the interaction force exceeds the adhesion strength of the printing and fabric, printing will fall out from the fabric. In the current international standard ISO 105 - E04:2013 with the national standard GB/T 3922 - In 2013, 5 kpa conforms to the actual usage, considering the test results, follow-up test process to determine the 5 kpa as test pressure.
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