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The reaction mechanism of waterborne polyurethane adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-29
Waterborne polyurethane adhesive as a categories in the field of chemical industry, with the development of functional polymer synthetic chemistry, to promote the development of many fields of daily life plays a very important significance. Such as medical, aerospace, agriculture, construction, etc. Waterborne polyurethane adhesive has the advantages of good adhesive force, high comprehensive performance to meet the demand of the contemporary application. Since the success of the polyurethane synthesis, also has the corresponding research about its theory, in the study found that it not only affected by the organic chemistry and mechanics of materials, the development of the colloid chemistry and other disciplines. In waterborne polyurethane system, containing the base at the end of the soft segment is polyester and polyether type of oligomer, hard segment refers to aliphatic isocyanate or aromatic isocyanate. Different types of multiple hydroxyl oligomer and after the reaction of isocyanate, produces a variety of different types of waterborne polyurethane. Waterborne polyurethane adhesive performance of cool mainly through isocyanate base combined with all kinds of substrate surface to form chemical bonds, and so is a water-based polyurethane adhesive. Waterborne polyurethane is dominated by multivariate alcohol and isocyanate oligomers synthesized with repeat unit structure of carbamate. Carbamic acid ester and amide and ester based molecular structure is similar. So you can infer that the chemical and physical properties of waterborne polyurethane may lie somewhere in between. Oligomer polyols and isocyanates synthetic reaction is mainly by the molecular structure of polyol of lively hydride to attack the c atom in isocyanate. In the process of the synthesis of waterborne polyurethane adhesive will mainly involves a few basic chemical reactions.
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