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The reason of not uniform of water-based ink and ink layer

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-23
When using water-based ink printing may appear many problems, such as poor adhesion, viscosity, printed color bright enough all sorts of problems, such as uneven ink layer of small make up today to tell you about how to solve. Lead to the occurrence of uneven ink layer, it is possible that there was a problem printing workers in deployment, or accidentally let the water-based ink with the ink. Grace in order to avoid uneven ink layer, the small make up recommend will allocate a good water-based ink in the use of printed after the net filter before use, can remove excess impurities, the purpose of doing that and use water-based ink printing plate clean, after this can prevent ink layer is not uniform. Also need to note that if the front end of the scraper received damage, cause, when printing products, will lead to cause uneven ink layer, therefore, printing equipment need to pay attention to protecting and regular daily cleaning. In order to guarantee the quality of water-based ink printing effect and print, to do all kinds of useful measures, avoid all sorts of problems.
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