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The reliability of long-term use of water-borne acrylic resin

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-05
Liquid or viscous flow water-based acrylic resin manufacturers on the coated substrate wetting and flow horizontally spreading, through physical or chemical drying process of film forming, by chemical bonds, and the roles of the physical or mechanical chimeric role adhesion to the substrate surface. Polymer coating is obtained by the above process, both to improve the physical properties of the surface of the base material and its chemical protection such as rust and corrosion medium, or enhance a certain mechanical strength on the surface of the index such as increasing rushed into sex or increase the surface abrasion resistance, etc. , are all reflected in the certain peripheral environment, the corresponding physical, chemical or mechanical factors in the environment of will inevitably influence on the polymer coating, coating material caused by the change of the chemical structure and physical properties. In the atmospheric environment, polymer coatings subjected to light, oxygen, moisture from the atmosphere and microbial factors violations; In the chemical medium environment, the polymer coating to direct access to water, acid, alkali, salt, oil, organic solvents, surfactants or other corrosive medium and its erosion; Polymer coating used in mechanical parts, at any time through pull, pressure, bending, impact, shear, or alternating load mechanical forces, such as the accumulation of long-term mechanical energy function as the function of heating, the chemical structure of polymer coating materials will also be activated by the degradation. So the analysis of various environmental factors on the influence of polymer coating may be what impact, depth and time in patience, and accordingly find out the effect a radical cure or alleviate countermeasures, is to improve the long-term reliability of the polymer coating must face the basic problem. The performance of the coating resin coating with the type of resin, basically with plastic and other similar, fiber, rubber, adhesives, but more is the use of thermoplastic polymer, and lower average molecular weight. Because the paint is a multicomponent system, thus coating resin should have the following performance. 1, good solubility. Because of the needs of the modulation of the coating and its construction, resin must be able to dissolve in common solvents used in the coatings. 2, good miscibility. Resin can with other film-forming substances are commonly used in the coating well mutual miscibility, forming a transparent thin film, so as to cooperate with each other, complement each other. 3, resin must be good film-forming ( Such as adhesion, flow property, etc. ) And the wettability of pigment and can give have certain protective and decorative coating ( Such as gloss, hardness, elasticity, water resistance, weather resistance and chemical resistance, etc. ) 。 4, good stability. For resin in the process of storage, six months or more is not bad.
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