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The smell of the water-based ink sex strong

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-21
Well developed in the water-based ink and solvent ink, adopted by different solvents, solvent ink mainly benzene type of solvent, toluene class now has been classified as the environmental elements, emit harmful gases in the printing process, strong pungent smell, sex, and harms the printing environment and personnel. Compared in water-based ink imported brand water-soluble acrylic resin, pigments and other components, it is water instead of the solvent, the solvent does not contain any harmful ingredients in the inside, so the smell is very low, when printed mild scent, won't feel pungent, for printing environment and nature also won't cause any effect, conform to the requirements of the ROHS, up to the national green environmental protection printing requirements. In water-based ink printing effect is excellent and printing design text clear, bright colors, good adhesion, strong water resistance. Use of water-based ink stable quality guaranteed, and grace in the development of water-based ink can in gravure, flexo machine printed cartons, non-woven fabrics, woven bags and other products.
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