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The use of the carton wear light oil

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-06
In the process of printing, no matter choose hand spray, single or online glazing way, to obtain satisfactory polishing effect. Must master carton wear-resisting the use of the light oil, Luke small make up recommend to grasp the following three points: 1, the coating weight: even a moderate amount of coating film, good gloss, high wear resistance. If the small amount of coating and wear light oil can't form a complete continuous coating, lead to burnish is poor, don't protection and adornment effect. But if a large amount of coating, coating film thickness, would increase the cost of polishing, but also affect the drying rate, serious back there will be a sticky situation. Advice, wet coating in 4 ~ 10 g / ㎡, the coating weight requires customers were different according to different paper and equipment features. 2, viscosity: general advice for offline roller computer viscosity in 18 ~ 25 seconds ( DIN4, 25℃) , attachment glazing viscosity general advice in 40 ~ 70 seconds ( DIN4, 25℃) 。 Viscosity is too low, not the function of the protection and decoration; High viscosity, the possible flow leveling is bad, slow drying phenomenon. 3, drying temperature and time: carton wear-resisting light oil mainly by penetration drying crosslinking curing concurrently at the same time, common drying equipment with hot air drying. Water-borne light oil is the main solvent of water and water of heat flow is relatively high, suggest in temperature at 80 ~ 100 ℃, bake, at about 2 m. If the temperature is not enough, bake, too short, coating, will appear serious there will be a sticky back and flowers, but if the temperature is too high, the drying time is long, the paper fiber filtration is too large, paper brittle, easy to appear in the break after processing, blowout situation. In carton wear-resisting light oil is specially designed for carton, color box, etc. Paper and glazing oil, way of polishing and requirements for different customers, provide the right solution for printing enterprise, improve the effect of print gloss, cost savings, to let customers worry-free.
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